Director's POV: A Student Filmmaker's Parkside Experience

Director's POV
December 08, 2020
3 pm
Virtual (Facebook)

Join us live to meet Rae, a UW-Parkside student studying English and digital media and production, to hear about her experience writing and directing a film for one of her classes.

The Beat of a Different Drummer, written and directed by Rae Slager and produced Dr. Josef Benson, tells the dual narrative tale of an unlikely pair fighting against the grain of their humdrum small town. The film stars London Baran as the plucky, albeit delusional Maggie “Magoo” Johnson, an aspiring tap dancer with subpar skills, and Nik Bertram as Adam, a man who enjoys playing a bizarre instrument known as the Otamatone, and hopes to find a partner who will love him and all of his quirks. Despite confusion, judgement, and rejection at every turn, Maggie and Adam continue to trudge forward and eventually find their other drummer in each other.

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