Root Cause Investigation

January 21, 2021
12:30 pm - 4 pm

Jan 21 | 12:30-4 pm| 3.5 PDC
How many times do you ask “why” before you get the real answer to an issue? By exploring the root cause of issues, you can more productively address the source of decreased productivity in your organization leading to greater organizational success and cultural moral. In this workshop, participants will gain a working overview of the 5 WHY model of Root Cause Investigation which can be used to build on the positive elements taking place or redirect the negative elements in one’s operation.  

This course is intended for those that are involved in the resolution of recurring challenges that cause chaos in the operation and ultimately lead to a lack of productivity. 

Special Online Price of $99 - Group Rates Available
(valued at $149)

Professional & Continuing Education
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