How To Create a Successful Podcast - The 10 Part Menu

KJ Eichstaed
April 20, 2022
2 pm - 3 pm
The Rita, L130

How To Create a Successful Podcast - The 10 Part Menu

Guest Speaker KJ Eichstaedt, Founder of the IKE Podcast Network

KJ was born in Wisconsin and has been producing audio for 10+ years. He is the host of multiple Top 40 podcasts, including IKE Packers, the highest rated Packers Podcast on Spotify and the Apple Podcasts platforms, charting as high as #6 of all sports podcasts in the world and ahead of massive names Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Scott Van Pelt, Chris Broussard, Draymond Green, Keyshawn Johnson, Max Kellerman, Stone Cold Steve Austin and ESPN 30 for 30. He and his brother Alex co-founded the IKE Podcast Network in 2020 and help individuals and businesses start, grow and monetize their podcasts for a future in which audio content is one of the next great frontiers.

Jackie Arcy
Digital Media and Production program, Communication Department, and College of Arts and Humanities
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