GALLERIES: Keith Harris Scenic Designs (opens)

Keith Harris sketch of scenic design
June 25, 2022 - July 06, 2022
All Day
The Rita, Fine Arts Gallery (upper level)

The Keith Harris Scenic Design Gallery, located in the balcony lobby of the Main Stage Theatre, houses an abridged overview of renderings and maquettes that Harris made while creating over fifty scenic designs for UW-Parkside stages. The drawings and maquettes in the gallery functioned as an introduction to the design process and as a production tool. They were made for thinking and planning. They provided a vocabulary for collaboration and were integral to the final fabrication of the set.However, upon viewing these pieces assembled here, the public is invited to see them for what they truly are: works of art.

In celebration of the opening of the Keith Harris Scenic Design Gallery, this supplemental display is on view now through July 6.

Colin Matthes
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