December 01, 2022 - December 04, 2022
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Dec 1-4, 2022

The myth of Undine, the water nymph who has to kill her lover should he ever betray her, gets a twenty-first century German makeover courtesy of director Christian Petzold. Undine (Paula Beer), in her mid-twenties, works as a freelance guide for the Senate Administration for Urban Development in central Berlin. Before giving her usual talk about all the drastic changes that have occurred in the capital over the centuries, her lover Johannes (Jacob Matschenz) breaks up with her on the terrace of a café across the street from her work. The two scenes, in quick succession, could not be more different. The highly professional Undine proves to be someone completely different from the scorned woman. Undine is a lush, transporting affair whose enigmatic magic slowly washes over viewers. Petzold never makes entirely clear that Undine is rooted in the supernatural, until moments of magical realism come creeping in.

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