Ethics and Boundaries: Understanding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to Leverage Cultural Humility

Ethics and Boundaries 12.23
December 08, 2023
8 am - Noon

Do you know me? How can I trust that you are someone that understands me, my culture, and will speak to the needs of diversity, equity, and inclusion when asked?

This training focuses on appropriate ethics and boundaries in client-case manager and peer-to-peer relationships in everyday practice. You will engage in self-reflective activities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, different abilities, and intersectionality. Oppression, discrimination, power and control, and historical and structural racism, and privilege is featured as it relates to the helping professions. Use of group discussions and personal reflection will foster understanding of ethical, reflective practice with clients, personal diversity, and skill level in cultural humility, and increasing knowledge of diverse cultures within the helping professions.

Stefanie Stamper
+1 262 595 3208
Professional and Continuing Education
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