RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs
With winter weather approaching, this message reminds us of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside policies in the event of weather emergencies.

Our policies draw the important distinction between "cancelling classes," and "closing the university." During a weather emergency, a decision may be made to: 1. hold classes and keep the university open; 2. cancel classes and keep the university open; 3. close the university.

Inclement Weather → Classes Not Cancelled
Faculty and staff who cannot get to campus will notify their unit or departmental offices as early as possible.

Inclement Weather → All Classes Cancelled
When all classes are cancelled and the university remains open, employees must use their own judgment in reporting to work. Decisions affecting morning and afternoon classes are ordinarily made by 6 a.m.; decisions affecting evening classes that start after 4:30 p.m. are ordinarily made in the early afternoon (see Notification below). If emergency weather conditions develop during the workday and supervisors desire to have employees leave early, the supervisor's decision must comply with the guidelines below (Employee Information) for classified staff.

Inclement Weather → University Closed
When the university is closed and all classes are cancelled, employees are not required to report to work. However, there are campus operations that must continue despite the weather: campus police, snow removal, power plant operation, food service for residential students, etc. For employees in those areas, please contact your supervisor for schedule details. If the university is closed, the Human Resources Department will inform employees about the proper method for reporting "lost time."

If all classes are cancelled OR if the university is closed due to inclement weather, a notice will be posted on the UW-Parkside website home page and will also be sent by email to all faculty, staff, and students.

If you subscribe to the Ranger Alert you will also receive a class cancellation or university closure text message on your cell phone. Here is the link to sign up for Ranger Alert.

You may also access this information through the UW-Parkside information line (262-595-2345) and on the area radio and television stations listed below.

Radio and television stations ordinarily announce only whether the university is open or closed, and the announcement may not make the distinction between classes being cancelled and the university being closed. It's always a good idea to check the UW-Parkside website for the most accurate information.

Kenosha Radio Stations ‹ WLIP (1050 AM), WIIL (95.1 FM), WGTD (91.1 FM);
Racine Radio Stations ‹ WRJN (1400 AM) or WEZY (92.1 FM);
Milwaukee Radio Stations ‹ WTMJ (620 AM), WKTI (94.5 FM, WEMP (1250 AM), WMYX (99.1 FM), KISS (103.7 FM), WISN (1130 AM), The Brew (97.3 FM), WKKV (100.7 FM), WOKY (920 AM), Milwaukee's 95.7 FM;
Milwaukee TV stations ‹ WTMJ (Channel 4), WITI (Channel 6), WISN (Channel 12 ‹ themilwaukeechannel.com);
Chicago Information:  (www.emergencyclosings.com) or Radio Stations ‹ WBBM (780 AM), WGN (720 AM) and Chicago TV Stations ‹ Channels 2, 5, 7, 9, and 32.

Radio and television stations will receive class cancellation information for that day no later than 6:30 a.m. If UW-Parkside is not mentioned by the media, assume the university is open and classes are being held.

Employee Information
Even though classes are cancelled, there are campus operations that must continue despite the weather: campus police, snow removal, power plant operation, food service for residential students, etc. When classes are cancelled, employees are instructed to "use their judgment" as to whether to report to work. Work schedule adjustments for lost time by an hourly represented or non-represented classified employee must be made up before the end of the week in which the work time was lost in order to avoid payment of overtime.

Supervisors of classified staff have the authority and responsibility to make arrangements with the employee to make up the time that was lost due to the inclement weather by:
  • Applying vacation or personal holiday leave credits, if applicable, to cover the absence. Use of sick leave credits is not authorized for inclement weather.
  • Adjusting the routine work schedule at the standard pay rate before the end of the week. Beyond the end of the week, the make-up work must be scheduled at overtime rates.
  • Applying "leave without pay." Employees who elect "leave without pay" should note that in the "remarks" section of the timesheet.
These options will also be applicable for hourly classified staff when the employer approves employee requests to leave work before the end of the workday because of hazardous driving conditions or threatening weather advisories.

Academic staff will consult with their supervisors and arrange for appropriate adjusted schedules for the use of leave. Questions regarding adjusted work schedules for salaried personnel should be directed to the Human Resources Department.

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