Celebrating Soccer and the Sweet 16!

Published: November 21, 2014
By: Alyssa Mowrer

Today we celebrate our women's soccer team as we host the Sweet 16 tournament here at Parkside. This is a huge accomplishment for our girls to be ranked third and to have the opportunity to host the tournament.

We should also take this time to celebrate women's sports in general. While browsing through the archives, an article from a 1972 issue of Ranger News was found titled, "Girls Sports No Longer a Joke." I'd say that is definitely true now, but I think we sometimes forget that it wasn't too long ago that women's sports weren't recognized by schools. During that time, the article states that the only women's sports teams were tennis, gymnastics, and track. Now, we are lucky enough to not only have many more, but also to have a highly-ranked team such as our women's soccer team.

So make sure to go out and support our girls today at 1:30pm at the Wood Road Field!

Special thanks to the Parkside Library Archives for the awesome photo and info!
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