Flock of Flamingos on Campus

Where did they come from?

Published: October 14, 2014
By: Alyssa Mowrer

UW Parkside's Student Activities and Engagement organized a flamingo decorating contest for Craft Night in the Den.

Every year during the Weeks of Welcome, the Student Activities and Engagement center organizes fun contests for students to participate in. This year, they held a Craft Night in the Den where they provided plastic flamingos and art supplies for all students to unleash their inner artist. They decided to make things more interesting by holding a contest for who can decorate the best flamingo. First place when to Lennox Lange and Second place went to Kelliann Keeler for her zebra design (pictured). Prizes also included Parkside merchandise to a third place winner and a special Parkside Pride recipient.

Because of the great success of this Craft Night, Student Activities and Engagement will be holding a crafting contest and night of fun every month. On Oct. 28 there will be pumpkin decorating, Nov. 11involves 3D snowflakes, and Dec. 4 will include building gingerbread houses. All of these events take place in the Den so that students can have a relaxed environment to work in and the opportunity to get food and play games when they are finished with their masterpieces.


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