Furry Stress Relievers

Published: November 1, 2014
By: Spencer Gray
Parkside’s Library has been considering the use of therapy dogs for a while now. After several comments written on the library’s “graffiti wall” during finals week of last semester the campus decided it was time to seriously pursue it.
A 2013 CNN article explains that even ten minutes petting a cat or dog increases the hormone that can reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. Studies also show that caring for a pet helps to divert a person’s attention from their own stress. As finals week rolls around, the stress on campus rises, from both students and faculty. High stress has been proven to have a negative affect on memory. Therefore, a short activity that can relieve stress is helpful when attempting to cram for finals.

Two therapy dogs will be on campus for three days during the first week in December -- right before the start of finals. During those three days, students can stop by the library and visit the dogs. No specific breeds have been decided yet, but it could be anything from Rottweilers, to German Sheppards, or mutts. 

December and finals are not that far away. Stay tuned for more details. And, remember to take a short moment and reset your stress levels when you are working hard.
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