Parkside Welcomes "In God’s Land" Director

Published: October 22, 2014
By: Sheridan Shumsky

This past Tuesday at Parkside, we had the honor of welcoming Pankaj Rishi Kumar, and being treated to a screening of his 2012 documentary entitled "In God's Land." Mr. Kumar is an Indian filmmaker, and his documentary has created quite the buzz in India and Europe, and he is currently in the process of his first United States tour for the film – Parkside being one of his stops! The film centers on a rural and struggling Indian village and their fight to keep control of their land, which has been sold by a Temple to the government in order to create booming businesses.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside has been toted as the diversity school of Wisconsin, and the screening of foreign films, and films by independent filmmakers, are just a few examples of our mission to promote diversity and equality. We here at Parkside seek to expand our understanding of the world, and we think that "In God's Land" is real amazing!


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