Military Friendly Five Years in a Row!

Published: November 20, 2014
By: Alyssa Mowrer

This year marks the fifth year in a row that Parkside has been certified as a Military Friendly school. With helpful groups such as the Parkside Military Veterans Organization, we have maintained a supportive environment for anyone involved in the military. Students and Staff respect the individuals who have fought for our country and thank them immensely for all their hard work. Because of the positive attitudes of everyone, we have accomplished creating the kind of environment that earns us the certification of Military Friendly.

So what is "Military Friendly"? Well to put it simply, Parkside has met the criteria defined by Victory Media's Academic Advising board which is comprised of 12 university educators from all over America who specialize in military and veteran affairs. The list of criteria includes military support on campus, academic credit for military service, flexibility for military students, tuition assistance, employment rates, and a survey of military students, just to name a few.

Starting in 2015, universities will have yet another set of criteria to meet to be considered "Veteran Friendly." A new certification called UW VETS (Veterans Education and Transition to Success) will be available for schools that go above and beyond for student veterans. A panel of UW System representatives will use a new set of criteria to determine if a school is considered "Veteran Friendly." Parkside is excited for the opportunity to continue improving our current programs for veterans and earn this certification.
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