Parkside professor Carey Watters created an art exhibit made entirely of paper

Published: October 20, 2014
By: Alyssa Mowrer

The Parkside galleries are excited to unveil the meticulous paper art that was created by our own professor, Carey Watters. The sculptures and wall hangings were created by using a combination of sewing and book binding techniques. She got the ideas for her designs based on the artwork she studied in Italy and it is strongly influenced by Byzantine architecture and religious reliquaries. One of the pieces is made entirely of pages that she cut out of a book and journal entries from a traveling salesman.

Along with teaching graphic design and typography, Carey also takes a group of students to study abroad in Italy every year so that they can enjoy the amazing sights that have inspired her work.

The exhibit will have its opening reception on November 6 from 4-8:30 pm.


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