Parkside students make masks from scratch in Misti Bradford’s Theatre Crafts class!

Published: October 21, 2014
By: Alyssa Mowrer

With Halloween just around the corner, students might be looking for a way to make their own costumes and masks. Luckily, the Theatre Crafts class has already finished theirs!

In this class, students learn a variety of crafting skills and mask making is just one of them. They also learn how to dye fabric, sketch out designs, and work with a variety of fabrics and mediums. The students had to put in a lot of time to sculpt, paint, and decorate their masterpieces and they are all very proud of the outcome. Because of this class, the students now have a plethora of skills to add to their resumes to make them more marketable when looking for jobs.

If that isn't Real. Amazing. then I don't know what is!


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