College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies Event Spotlight

Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Hudspeth, has hosted another successful ethics series this semester

Published: December 1, 2014
The ethics lecture series, named "Practical Wisdom," is just one of the many events hosted by the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies. Dr. Hudspeth, professor of Philosophy, is at the forefront of this event.

Dr. Hudspeth first organized this series two years ago, with average attendance of 65-70 people per event. This is the most successful event hosted by the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, and amongst the third most successful event at UW-Parkside. 

The name of the series, "Practical Wisdom," is a reference to the Greek term, phronesis, a term explained in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. As Dr. Hudspeth explained, it is distinguished as practical though, and translated as practical wisdom. 

The purpose of this lecture series is to demonstrate a practical use of theory that can help in the issues of our daily lives. Not only does this series provide ideas for the practical uses of theory, but it helps to advertise the certification in Ethics that can be obtained at UW-Parkside. 

The theme for this fall semester was bioethics. Three speakers came to campus and spoke on a variety of topics. Guests spoke on a variety of topics, including supporters of animal rights and being against abortion, the idea of an organ market system in the United States, and the notion to license parents. 

As the spring semester approaches, another series is underway. Be on the lookout for more information. This is surely an event you won't want to miss!  
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