UW-Parkside’s Center for Research in Innovation and Smart Cities to host cyber security expert Shane Tews on April 14

Published: April 7, 2022

Shane TewsSomers, Wis. - The University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s Center for Research in Innovation and Smart Cities and the Tommy Thompson Center for Public Leadership will host Shane Tews, a nonresident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for a hybrid session on “Implementing Technovation: A discussion on policy challenges to adopting technological solutions for urban issues.”

The free and public event will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. on April 14 in UW-Parkside’s Student Center Ballroom and will be livestreamed via Parkside’s YouTube channel.

In her talk, Tews will explore the policy challenges for local, state, and national government as technology becomes more important in political debates. She will also discuss industry policy for the computer chip industry, and explore strategies for the next state of the Internet, Web3, which will be based on blockchain technology and digital tokens in a decentralized Internet, and telecommunication policy for an expanded and connected wireless communication system (5G).

James"It has been said that invention is easy, but innovation is genius. This is because an innovation is an applied invention which radically changes behavior and disrupts the status quo,” said Dr. Peggy James, dean of the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies. “A Technovation is disruption that is based on technology, and past years have shown us that technological development for its own sake is not effective innovation. “

Tom Loosemore, founder of the UK Government Digital Service says, “If you want a natively digital nation, or a state, or a city, or whatever, my message today is you actually need to be bold enough to create some new institutions; institutions that are of the Internet, not on the Internet.” And the need for institutions and policies is urgent: the technology industry is set to exceed $5.3 trillion in 2022, with more than 585,000 tech companies in the US.

Tews has expertise in cybersecurity issues, next-generation networking (5G), the Internet of Things, international internet governance, digital economic policy, information and communications technology, Artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse, cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, and emerging technologies.


For more information and registration visit: https://www.uwp.edu/connect/businessandcommunity/crisc/shanetews.cfm

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