Dr. Pirooz “Paul” Mohazzabi publishes his 100th paper

Published: April 27, 2022

Somers, Wis. –

Dr. Pirooz “Paul” Mohazzabi, a physics professor in the College of Natural Health Sciences, has published his 100th paper. The paper, titled “Effectiveness of Various Prevention Measures in a Pandemic,” has been published in the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics. The paper explores which prevention measuresMohazzabi_Pirooz implemented during the pandemic were most effective in reducing the spread of coronavirus in the United States. It maintains that of the various prevention measures implemented, lockdown was by far the most effective.  

Dr. Mohazzabi has published articles in refereed international journals in a wide variety of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, earth science, atmospheric science, materials science, engineering and medicine. His articles range from bicycle stability to cancer theory. He believes research and teaching are closely connected, and many of his research articles are co-authored with his students.  He co-authored his 100th paper with two UW-Parkside undergraduate students, Gabby Richardson and Gwen Richardson, who are sisters and are both in their junior year at UW-Parkside.  

Gabby is in the Pre-Med program at Parkside, majoring in Spanish and Criminal Justice with a minor in Biology.  She aspires to attend medical school and become a rural physician working in underserved communities.Gwen is in the Pre-Veterinary Science program, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Biology and Environmental Studies.  An aspiring veterinarian and wildlife researcher, Gwen plans to write environmental policy protecting wildlife and its natural habitat. 

For the 100th paper, Gabby and Gwen completed statistical analysis of COVID-19 data in the United States from the onset of the pandemic to present time. Dr. Mohazzabi emphasized the importance of having students involved in research. By working closely with a professor, students get a firsthand view of the teaching profession, particularly at the college level.   

“Gabby and Gwen are extremely serious about education and research, and it’s always good to have people you really like be a part of the work,” he said. Many of Dr. Moazzabi’s former students have followed his footsteps, becoming educators themselves, including high school teachers and professors at major universities. 

Since joining UW-Parkside in 1986, Professor Mohazzabi has received three Stella Gray Teaching Excellence Awards, two awards for Excellence in Research and Creative Activity, and a Faculty Distinguished Service Award. 

Read Dr. Mohazzabi's paper 

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