Emmalee Finn Gives Back Through the Peace Corps

Published: December 11, 2023

Emmalee FinnEmmalee Finn, an alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, is passionate about serving others. In September of 2022, she joined the Peace Corps in the pursuit of learning more about diverse economies and to give back to others. As a Primary Literacy Promoter working in South America, Finn works directly with children in small groups and individual tutoring sessions.

Finn, a native of La Crescent, Minnesota, came to UW-Parkside in 2017 in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and achieved that goal in May of 2021. Finn credits UW-Parkside with preparing her for life after her academic career through Economics and General Elective Courses which taught her about different languages and diversity.

“My favorite part of my time at UW-Parkside was the knowledge I gained through cultural exchange activities hosted by the African Student Association; especially, having the opportunity to showcase traditional African clothing,” Finn said.

According to Finn, exceptional faculty members were instrumental in preparing her for the next steps in her journey after graduation. She asserts that Assistant Professor Ling Li’s use of innovative teaching methods was influential in her academic success. “She was willing to guide in the learning process, as she shared her skills and knowledge about Stata, a statistical software,” Finn stated.

Li recalls her interactions with Finn fondly and appreciated her willingness to participate and thoughtfulness in her work. “It was always a great pleasure to have Emmalee in my classes. She was one of the most active participants in the classroom and showed great curiosity and work ethics. I am very proud to see now she is using her knowledge and energy to impact more people,” Li Said.

It was experiences like this that helped prepare Finn for the Peace Corps. Finn states, “The university supported differentiated learning opportunities with online learning, group work, and diverse testing options. Currently,  I am able to put into practice the theory and ideology I have learned while obtaining my degree.”

For Finn, the Peace Corps represented an opportunity to continue learning about the world while helping others. Finn states, “The Peace Corps offered a unique opportunity for me to learn about myself, and also to apply all of the skills and knowledge I had acquired throughout my life. In addition, it provided a passageway for me to live and work abroad, this is something I aspired to do.”

One of Finn’s primary desired learning outcomes for the teachers and students is to instill the value of education and an appreciation for the importance of recognizing and utilizing different learning styles. The children that Finn serves need an environment that encourages and nurtures their diverse literacy abilities. “Through consistent interactive instruction, I have inculcated differentiated learning styles to suit the needs of Guyanese students by including captivating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning aids. This is how I advocate for the children who face diverse educational challenges. I enjoy creating solutions to learning needs, by designing and adapting learning materials for student learning purposes,” Finn Explained.

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