Fall 2018 Dean's and Provost's Lists

Published: February 5, 2019
Each semester, students who demonstrate a high level of academic excellence are named to the Dean's or Provost's list in recognition of their hard work and academic achievements. Students named to the Dean’s List, earned at least a 3.5 grade-point average while those named to the Provost’s List earned at least a 3.8 grade-point average. Congratulations to the following students who earned Dean's and Provost's list honors for the Fall 2018 semester at UW-Parkside! To search for a student simply type the name in the search bar.
Formal Description First Name Last County
Provost's List Rashil Abuhatoum Milwaukee
Provost's List Kathryn Adams Racine
Provost's List Anna Aehlich Kenosha
Provost's List Martinique Aguero Racine
Provost's List Grusha Ahluwalia  
Provost's List Kiley Akey Waupaca
Provost's List Julia Alberth Kenosha
Provost's List Samantha Alberth Kenosha
Provost's List Saba Alfoqaha Racine
Provost's List Evan Alioto Kenosha
Provost's List Quinn Allbee Grant
Provost's List Alekzander Altoro Kenosha
Provost's List Joel Ambriz Ponce Kenosha
Provost's List Holly Ambruso Kenosha
Provost's List Kaitlyn Andresen Kenosha
Provost's List Rylie Armantrout Racine
Provost's List Gabriella Arnwine Lake
Provost's List Meghan Ascencio Lake
Provost's List Brett Ashmus Kenosha
Provost's List Julia Atkins Racine
Provost's List Nolan Atkinson Milwaukee
Provost's List Jessica Baker Kenosha
Provost's List Madelyn Baker Racine
Provost's List Paul Barrette Kenosha
Provost's List Timothy Barry Lake
Provost's List Kailey Battisfore Kenosha
Provost's List Jenny Bauer Racine
Provost's List Kaleigh Bauer Lake
Provost's List Danny Bautista Racine
Provost's List Maren Becker Milwaukee
Provost's List Megan Becraft Lake
Provost's List Alyssa Belding Kenosha
Provost's List Andrea Belding Kenosha
Provost's List Zaven Bell Kenosha
Provost's List Gina Bellovary Racine
Provost's List Abner Benjamin Lake
Provost's List Danielle Bentel Kenosha
Provost's List Alexandria Berens Wood
Provost's List Samuel Bernhagen Kenosha
Provost's List Zachary Beyer Lake
Provost's List Cynthia Bhatti Milwaukee
Provost's List Nicholas Bielski Kenosha
Provost's List Stephanie Bonds Milwaukee
Provost's List Malik Booker Racine
Provost's List Ashley Borgardt Racine
Provost's List Brooke Bower Racine
Provost's List Jeffrey Brain Lake
Provost's List Kyle Bratek Lake
Provost's List Nolan Bratt Racine
Provost's List Kara Breidenbach Racine
Provost's List Mackenzie Brennan Kenosha
Provost's List Lindsay Brieske Racine
Provost's List Emily Brissette Waukesha
Provost's List Catherine Brooks Racine
Provost's List Shaun Brunner Kenosha
Provost's List Zachary Bryhtan Racine
Provost's List Joshua Bugner Kenosha
Provost's List Mark Buntrock Milwaukee
Provost's List Diana Burdette Lake
Provost's List Brianna Burgeson Lake
Provost's List Kelly Burke Racine
Provost's List Alex Burnett Walworth
Provost's List Jamey Burns Kenosha
Provost's List Veronica Bursek-Krekling Racine
Provost's List Kyle Butler Kenosha
Provost's List Katherine Bydalek Racine
Provost's List Aina Cabrero Sinol  
Provost's List Vincent Caffarello Lake
Provost's List Janelle Caira Kenosha
Provost's List Chloe Calderon Lake
Provost's List Leighton Cannalte Racine
Provost's List Joseph Carravetta Kenosha
Provost's List Marcus Case Lake
Provost's List Jazmin Castanon Cook
Provost's List BillieJo Champagne Racine
Provost's List Marissa Chartier Lake
Provost's List Hunter Cheney Kenosha
Provost's List Nitin Cherian  
Provost's List Chynna Chung Racine
Provost's List Megan Cisewski Racine
Provost's List Amber Clark Kenosha
Provost's List Marjorie Coen Kenosha
Provost's List Tyler Coffey Kenosha
Provost's List Jessica Cole  
Provost's List Brendan Collins Cook
Provost's List Massimo Comella Lake
Provost's List Michael Connolly Kenosha
Provost's List Jessica Connor Kenosha
Provost's List Ryan Conrad Lake
Provost's List Emma Constabileo Racine
Provost's List MacKenzie Cook Kenosha
Provost's List Nancy Cornell Kenosha
Provost's List Anna Cotto Lake
Provost's List Justin Coughlin Kenosha
Provost's List Sarah Coughlin Kenosha
Provost's List Chloe Couves Polk
Provost's List Claudia Crane Kenosha
Provost's List Jacob Currah Racine
Provost's List Sean Curtis Racine
Provost's List Wyatt Czeshinski Fresno
Provost's List Michelle Daly Waukesha
Provost's List Donald Damaschke Racine
Provost's List Deanna Damon Kenosha
Provost's List Brantina daSilva Kenosha
Provost's List Hayley Daun Kenosha
Provost's List Shane Davie Rock
Provost's List Marissa Davies Racine
Provost's List Allyson Davis Racine
Provost's List Nicholas Davis Milwaukee
Provost's List Marvalena DeBaere Racine
Provost's List Mia Derse Kenosha
Provost's List Marisol Diaz Flores Milwaukee
Provost's List Kaley Dickerson Hamilton
Provost's List Thomas Doherty Kenosha
Provost's List Krystin Donovan Lake
Provost's List Anthoni Dorava Racine
Provost's List Naomi Dornfeld Racine
Provost's List Shaye Dostal Kenosha
Provost's List Ryan Dresen Racine
Provost's List Rekha Drevlow Jefferson
Provost's List Andrew Due Kenosha
Provost's List Shania Dumelle Kenosha
Provost's List Henry Dutkiewicz Kenosha
Provost's List Nadine Dziekanski Lake
Provost's List Brenna Eaves Kenosha
Provost's List Sawyer Edwards Kenosha
Provost's List Wilhelmine Edwards Kern
Provost's List Jonah Eisel Racine
Provost's List Zaawar Ejaz Milwaukee
Provost's List Alana Elia Kenosha
Provost's List Heather Emery Kenosha
Provost's List Alexandra English Racine
Provost's List Allison Eschmann Racine
Provost's List Jenna Eschner Waukesha
Provost's List Maritza Esqueda-Medina Lake
Provost's List Alexandria Evans Racine
Provost's List Jason Evans Lake
Provost's List Abbie Fakler Milwaukee
Provost's List Ashley Faulhaber Kenosha
Provost's List Samantha Feiler Racine
Provost's List Rebecca Felden Milwaukee
Provost's List Allison Felmey Baltimore
Provost's List Lara Ferrari  
Provost's List Michael Fischer Racine
Provost's List Erika Flores Rutherford
Provost's List Nolan Flynn Kenosha
Provost's List Shelby Follensbee Kenosha
Provost's List Mary Fonk Racine
Provost's List Brandon Fourcade Marathon
Provost's List Jordan Fox Racine
Provost's List Sean Franklin Racine
Provost's List Dilynn Freese Lake
Provost's List Noah Frye Lake
Provost's List Jonathan Fuhrer Kenosha
Provost's List Derek Fye Kenosha
Provost's List Kaycee Galitz Kenosha
Provost's List Pauline Mae Galsim Lake
Provost's List Jose Garcia Milwaukee
Provost's List John Garlick Lake
Provost's List Hillari Garms Jefferson
Provost's List Tiffany Garvey Racine
Provost's List Lisa Gatherer Thomas
Provost's List Brianna Gesiorski Kenosha
Provost's List Mariam Ghani Lake
Provost's List Adam Ghouse Kenosha
Provost's List Ian Gilbert Kenosha
Provost's List Cassandra Gillen Racine
Provost's List Jordan Glennon Racine
Provost's List Laijay Glover Racine
Provost's List Ashley Gonzales Kenosha
Provost's List Hannah Gonzalez Washington
Provost's List Ben Gordon Kenosha
Provost's List Michelle Gorecki Kenosha
Provost's List Alyssa Goroski Racine
Provost's List Lindsey Gott Kenosha
Provost's List Trevor Gott Kenosha
Provost's List Kyle Grant Racine
Provost's List Alexander Gray Lake
Provost's List Daniel Grigsby Lake
Provost's List Thomas Grobben Milwaukee
Provost's List Samuel Gruber Racine
Provost's List Mackenzie Gwozdz Kenosha
Provost's List Mackenzie Haas Kenosha
Provost's List Jonathon Habel Milwaukee
Provost's List Samantha Habura McHenry
Provost's List Morgan Haefer Milwaukee
Provost's List Adrien Hall Porter
Provost's List Austin Hall Kenosha
Provost's List Steven Hand Kenosha
Provost's List Kalyn Harewood Kenosha
Provost's List Alyssa Harris Milwaukee
Provost's List Angela Harris Milwaukee
Provost's List Jeri Harris Milwaukee
Provost's List Ana Hauck Racine
Provost's List Kathryn Haumersen Racine
Provost's List Allie Hedges Kenosha
Provost's List Megan Heinrich Kenosha
Provost's List Caitlin Hemmerling Kenosha
Provost's List Nathaniel Hempel Racine
Provost's List Bijou Hendee Dane
Provost's List Ashley Henningfield Kenosha
Provost's List Miracle Hermann Kenosha
Provost's List Braiyan Herrera Racine
Provost's List Maria Herrera-Jimenez Kenosha
Provost's List Kevin Hershberger Waukesha
Provost's List Paige Hidde  
Provost's List Agron Hidri Milwaukee
Provost's List Amanda Hiemer Washington
Provost's List Trey Hild Menard
Provost's List Diana Hoang Milwaukee
Provost's List Kelsey Hruska Kenosha
Provost's List John Hugasian Racine
Provost's List Joseph Hughes Kenosha
Provost's List Dawt Iang Milwaukee
Provost's List Daniel Jablonski Lake
Provost's List Elizabeth Jackson  
Provost's List Grace Jahnke Kenosha
Provost's List Brayan Jaimes Lake
Provost's List Taylor James Milwaukee
Provost's List Olivia Jardas  
Provost's List YunHwan Jeong  
Provost's List Alyssa Johnson Kenosha
Provost's List Lisa Johnson Kenosha
Provost's List Paige Johnson Milwaukee
Provost's List Sydney Johnson Racine
Provost's List Zachary Johnson Kenosha
Provost's List Bailey Johnston Racine
Provost's List Julia Jones Kenosha
Provost's List Katelyn Kahl Kenosha
Provost's List Eleanora Karnila Kenosha
Provost's List Issak Kathrens-Gallardo Lake
Provost's List Inderjit Kaur Kenosha
Provost's List Bradley Kautenburg Kenosha
Provost's List Tayler Kessler Kenosha
Provost's List Rachel Kiernan-Reilly Racine
Provost's List Isaac Kinnicutt Whiteside
Provost's List Martin Kipikasa Lake
Provost's List Yiannoula Kirimis McHenry
Provost's List Rhett Kliger Kenosha
Provost's List Alex Knepper Racine
Provost's List TaraDawn Knull Kenosha
Provost's List Tyler Kochan McHenry
Provost's List April Koski Kenosha
Provost's List Stevan Krecak Waukesha
Provost's List Austin Krieger Racine
Provost's List Maycee Kroening Outagamie
Provost's List Grace Kubiak Racine
Provost's List Kasey Kugler Kenosha
Provost's List Aaron Kurowski Kenosha
Provost's List Brandon Kvamme Crawford
Provost's List Vincent Laino Lake
Provost's List Aaron Lance Kenosha
Provost's List Elizabeth Lanum Kenosha
Provost's List Raven Larson Racine
Provost's List Christiane Laskowski Lake
Provost's List Hannah Leclair McHenry
Provost's List Autumn Legaspi Sheboygan
Provost's List Carly Legner Cook
Provost's List James Lehman Kenosha
Provost's List Jennifer Lei New London
Provost's List Ann Leo Milwaukee
Provost's List Abigail Lewis Racine
Provost's List Richard Liederbach Racine
Provost's List Brandie Lingo Kenosha
Provost's List Brooke Lobins Milwaukee
Provost's List Jacob Lofy Milwaukee
Provost's List Ivan Lopez Lake
Provost's List Jaqueline Lopez Racine
Provost's List Liana Lopez Lake
Provost's List Madeline Lukkes Racine
Provost's List Bryan Malek Winnebago
Provost's List Satyam Malik  
Provost's List Laurel Marcinkus Kenosha
Provost's List Ronald Marek Kenosha
Provost's List Rachael Margetson Kenosha
Provost's List Alivia Marks Washington
Provost's List Mason Martin McHenry
Provost's List Taylor Martin Racine
Provost's List William Mason Kenosha
Provost's List Blain Masterson Ogle
Provost's List Jonah Matulle Winnebago
Provost's List Stephen Maule Dodge
Provost's List Hannah Maurer Kenosha
Provost's List Jared Mayrand Racine
Provost's List Mai McCarthy Milwaukee
Provost's List Amanda McCray Racine
Provost's List Kayle McNamara Kenosha
Provost's List Rachel Merrell Kenosha
Provost's List Rachael Meyer Kenosha
Provost's List Sarah Meyer Racine
Provost's List Haroon Mian Racine
Provost's List Jessica Miklos Will
Provost's List Sara Miller Racine
Provost's List Kelsey Mizner Ogle
Provost's List Lennon Modory Kenosha
Provost's List Aja Molitor Racine
Provost's List Alyssa Montes De Oca Walworth
Provost's List Aubrey Moore Kenosha
Provost's List Brittany Mueller Racine
Provost's List Benjamin Mui Milwaukee
Provost's List Adam Mulheron Milwaukee
Provost's List Brooke Munroe Martin
Provost's List Geny Museitef Kenosha
Provost's List Jessica Myjak McHenry
Provost's List Clarissa Nakles Racine
Provost's List Lucy Neave Racine
Provost's List Abigail Nelson Waukesha
Provost's List Alyssa Nelson Waukesha
Provost's List Megan Nelson Jefferson
Provost's List Shelby Nesmith Kenosha
Provost's List John Neu Walworth
Provost's List Sumer Nichols Kenosha
Provost's List Samantha Nickell Waukesha
Provost's List Hannah Niesen Racine
Provost's List Andrea Nikula Kenosha
Provost's List Ambria Noll Kenosha
Provost's List Kaylie North Milwaukee
Provost's List Tessa Nyary Kenosha
Provost's List Sarah Ocampo Kenosha
Provost's List Jessica Olson Waukesha
Provost's List Erica Orozco Lake
Provost's List Emily Orr Kenosha
Provost's List Don James Ostergaard Kenosha
Provost's List Shawn Ostrowski Racine
Provost's List Ryan Otto Milwaukee
Provost's List Kevin Outinen Kenosha
Provost's List Daniel Overman Kenosha
Provost's List Mitchell Paap Racine
Provost's List Breanna Palmen Kenosha
Provost's List Reice Papendorf Kenosha
Provost's List Eric Pascual Lake
Provost's List Anmol Patel Kenosha
Provost's List Dharti Patel Lake
Provost's List Olivia Patrizzi Kenosha
Provost's List Bryanna Perez Kenosha
Provost's List Lukeus Perez Racine
Provost's List Corrie Persson Kenosha
Provost's List Mya Peterson Racine
Provost's List Charles Petri Waukesha
Provost's List Raymond Pfeiffer Racine
Provost's List Andrew Pierangeli Milwaukee
Provost's List Jacob Pigeon Door
Provost's List Jacob Pike Racine
Provost's List Joseph Plaszkiewicz Door
Provost's List Elizabeth Plemmons Lake
Provost's List Mikayla Poehler Lake
Provost's List Sara Popadic Racine
Provost's List Nishan Poudel Cook
Provost's List Allyson Prellberg Racine
Provost's List Kayla Prill Milwaukee
Provost's List Megan Pritzlaff Milwaukee
Provost's List Joseph Prostko Kenosha
Provost's List Aleksandar Prpa Racine
Provost's List Nikola Prpa Waukesha
Provost's List Javan Pruitt-Mason Racine
Provost's List Eric Quesnell Waukesha
Provost's List Kevin Quijano Racine
Provost's List Kurtis Quist Lake
Provost's List Ma. Mira Ramirez Racine
Provost's List Sarah Ratliff Kenosha
Provost's List Bethany Rennock Racine
Provost's List Zoey Richter Dane
Provost's List Iris Rivera Kenosha
Provost's List Jessica Rivest Lake
Provost's List Sean Roberts Walworth
Provost's List Andrea Rodriguez Racine
Provost's List Connor Roinas Lake
Provost's List Viktoria Rosa e Silva  
Provost's List Benjamin Roszko Kenosha
Provost's List Casey Rouse Racine
Provost's List Bianca Ruffolo Kenosha
Provost's List Emily Rush Waukesha
Provost's List Sarah Rybacki Milwaukee
Provost's List Stephanie Rydahl Kenosha
Provost's List Hailey Saal Racine
Provost's List Brandon Saldivar Racine
Provost's List Miguel Salgado Lake
Provost's List Alecia Sanchez Racine
Provost's List Faleon Sarto Waupaca
Provost's List Jacqueline Schlosser Lake
Provost's List Hailey Schowalter Racine
Provost's List Thomas Schrauth Kenosha
Provost's List Samantha Schroeder Waukesha
Provost's List Megan Schulte Kenosha
Provost's List Amy Schuster Racine
Provost's List Rachele Schwer Kenosha
Provost's List Rebecca Sennett Rock
Provost's List Mallory Shimek Milwaukee
Provost's List Alexis Shong Eau Claire
Provost's List Loveneet Sidhu Milwaukee
Provost's List Kaylee Siegel Winnebago
Provost's List Benjamin Sieren Racine
Provost's List Ismael Sifuentes Villa Racine
Provost's List Madelynn Sinclair Kenosha
Provost's List Laura Siwula Lake
Provost's List Bryan Slayton Racine
Provost's List Connor Smith Waukesha
Provost's List David Smith Lake
Provost's List Carolyn Soukup Cook
Provost's List Olivia Springsteen Waukesha
Provost's List Daniel Stalsberg Kenosha
Provost's List Mark Stanich Kenosha
Provost's List Jelena Stankovic Racine
Provost's List Kevin Stearns Cook
Provost's List Regan Stefan Marathon
Provost's List Alexis Stein Kenosha
Provost's List Bridget Stella Kenosha
Provost's List Desiree Stills Racine
Provost's List Nessa Stojanovich Waukesha
Provost's List Elizabeth Stricker Kenosha
Provost's List Jeffrey Stricker Racine
Provost's List Myah Strokosch Lake
Provost's List Valerie Strukel Dodge
Provost's List Robert Strutz Racine
Provost's List Shannon Stuchly Will
Provost's List Kimberly Sullivan Kenosha
Provost's List Sayuri Suzuki  
Provost's List Cydney Swanson Kenosha
Provost's List Jeremiah Swanson Waukesha
Provost's List Nathan Swanson Kenosha
Provost's List Luis Tafolla Lake
Provost's List Natalie Tcheordikian Racine
Provost's List David Thang Milwaukee
Provost's List Natalie Theisen Racine
Provost's List Bryanna Thomas Racine
Provost's List Jennifer Thompson Racine
Provost's List Laura Thurber Kenosha
Provost's List Daisy Tinajero Lake
Provost's List Dustin Tomas Kane
Provost's List Luis Torres Milwaukee
Provost's List Joy Trapp Racine
Provost's List Tyler Trapp Racine
Provost's List Lydia Trudell  
Provost's List James Tryban Kenosha
Provost's List Keri Turek Dupage
Provost's List Marley Uran Racine
Provost's List Justin Van Ee Kenosha
Provost's List Tyler Vance Racine
Provost's List Amanda VanSwol Racine
Provost's List Giovanni Vazquez Lake
Provost's List Yovanka Vazquez Racine
Provost's List Jaxom Vienonen Kenosha
Provost's List Shea Vienonen Kenosha
Provost's List Xandra Villanueva Lake
Provost's List Emma Voge Racine
Provost's List Andrea Wagner Racine
Provost's List Ashley Walker Tarrant
Provost's List Elijah Wallace Kenosha
Provost's List Bridget Walsh Kenosha
Provost's List Emily Watkins Kenosha
Provost's List Marie Wedepohl Manitowoc
Provost's List Teresa Weiss Racine
Provost's List Mason Welter Kenosha
Provost's List Michael Wenzel Racine
Provost's List Mallory White Kenosha
Provost's List Zachary Williams Milwaukee
Provost's List Anja Willkomm Kenosha
Provost's List Jillian Witz Kenosha
Provost's List Thomas Wortz Milwaukee
Provost's List Brandon Wysocki Kenosha
Provost's List Melanie Yates Lake
Provost's List Amanda Yoder Lake
Provost's List Anna Zahn Kenosha
Provost's List Alana Zarate Lake
Provost's List Ivan Zarate Kenosha
Provost's List Natalee Zeisler Racine
Provost's List Josephine Ziemann Kenosha
Provost's List Jillian Zimmerman Lake
Provost's List Jesus Zuniga Lake
Dean's List John Aasen Kenosha
Dean's List Leutrim Abazi Kenosha
Dean's List Ahmad Abdelghani Kenosha
Dean's List Johanna Ackmann Waukesha
Dean's List Marimar Aguero Racine
Dean's List Banelly Aguirre Kenosha
Dean's List Jocelyn Aguirre Kenosha
Dean's List Zachary Akina Kenosha
Dean's List Adriana Albavera Kenosha
Dean's List Ruben Alejandre Lake
Dean's List Sana Aljader Lake
Dean's List Garrett Allen Racine
Dean's List Natasha Ampulski Kenosha
Dean's List Lyndsie Anders Kendall
Dean's List Miranda Jane Anderson Racine
Dean's List Alisson Anguiano Salas Racine
Dean's List Nicholas Apicelli Kenosha
Dean's List Isaac Arneman Door
Dean's List Madison Arnold Kenosha
Dean's List Blair Arthur Allegan
Dean's List Julie Asher Racine
Dean's List Mohammad Assad Milwaukee
Dean's List Zachary Atkins Racine
Dean's List Adrian Ayala Lake
Dean's List Ivan Bakardzhiev Kenosha
Dean's List Peyton Balch Rock
Dean's List Anthony Balles Kenosha
Dean's List Jacob Bartlett San Diego
Dean's List Zachary Bass Milwaukee
Dean's List Laina Batdorf Walworth
Dean's List Brittany Bauman Kenosha
Dean's List Ezequiel Bautista Racine
Dean's List Ana Beard Milwaukee
Dean's List Mia Beauchamp Racine
Dean's List Kayla Beck Racine
Dean's List Alexander Beiley Racine
Dean's List Carson Bell Kenosha
Dean's List Gillian Benacka Racine
Dean's List Michael Bencs Racine
Dean's List Alexis Benitez Lake
Dean's List Emily Bernhagen Kenosha
Dean's List Leslie Bessa Racine
Dean's List Israel Betancourt Racine
Dean's List Morgan Betz Racine
Dean's List Jeremy Biggs Kenosha
Dean's List Lucija Bilic  
Dean's List Bryce Bilogan Oneida
Dean's List Kelly Birmingham Milwaukee
Dean's List Kristen Birmingham Milwaukee
Dean's List Gabrielle Bisceglia Kenosha
Dean's List Chelsea Bivens Milwaukee
Dean's List Frankie Bobula Walworth
Dean's List Jenna Bonofiglio Kenosha
Dean's List Kylie Boruszewski Racine
Dean's List Franco Bosco Kenosha
Dean's List Jeremiah Bose Racine
Dean's List Kathryn Bosovich Kenosha
Dean's List Courtney Bowling Milwaukee
Dean's List Dylan Boyd Kenosha
Dean's List Jaclyn Bracker Racine
Dean's List Danica Bramschreiber Dupage
Dean's List Scott Brau Racine
Dean's List Kathryn Brauner Milwaukee
Dean's List Jacob Brawner Racine
Dean's List Michelle Brisland Walworth
Dean's List Hunter Broughton Kenosha
Dean's List Danica Brouillette Kenosha
Dean's List Dionna Brown-Trotter Milwaukee
Dean's List Henry Bruer  
Dean's List Emelye Bryniarski Kenosha
Dean's List Alyssa Bucholtz Kenosha
Dean's List Kristin Bucholz Racine
Dean's List Renee Bucio Racine
Dean's List Tyler Bull Racine
Dean's List Kendall Bunnell Kenosha
Dean's List Zachary Burford Kenosha
Dean's List Johanna Burmeister Kenosha
Dean's List Laura Buska Kenosha
Dean's List Steven Bydalek Racine
Dean's List Dianise Cadavid Kenosha
Dean's List Nicholas Cain Kenosha
Dean's List Vincent Calvillo Kenosha
Dean's List Andrea Camacho Aste  
Dean's List Anne Campbell McHenry
Dean's List Amber Cannalte Racine
Dean's List Tressa Capodarco Kenosha
Dean's List Jessica Capponi Kenosha
Dean's List Alyssa Carter Kenosha
Dean's List Joseph Castle Kenosha
Dean's List Sean-Salvatore Cerchiara Kenosha
Dean's List Maria Cervantes Vargas Kenosha
Dean's List Charbel Chaer Kenosha
Dean's List Matias Chapa Milwaukee
Dean's List Nicole Chapman Kenosha
Dean's List Lorissa Cheatham  
Dean's List Donald Chell Green
Dean's List Shannon Cheney Kenosha
Dean's List Shelby Cheston Wayne
Dean's List Nicholas Cina Kenosha
Dean's List Darnell Clay Kenosha
Dean's List Whitney Clay Kenosha
Dean's List Samuel Colletti Kenosha
Dean's List Michael Cooper Milwaukee
Dean's List Cristian Coronado Lake
Dean's List Dominic Correa  
Dean's List Christian Covelli Kenosha
Dean's List Michael Covelli Kenosha
Dean's List Haydon Cowan Racine
Dean's List Bailie Crawford Kenosha
Dean's List Destiny Crespo Kenosha
Dean's List Max Cruz Racine
Dean's List Robert Cuba Kenosha
Dean's List Helena Cunliffe-Owen Kenosha
Dean's List Seiree Cvengros Lake
Dean's List Katelyn Czoschke Will
Dean's List Eric Danyus Kenosha
Dean's List Katherine David Waukesha
Dean's List Avianna Davis Milwaukee
Dean's List Krista Davis Kenosha
Dean's List Nicholas Davis Milwaukee
Dean's List Ryan de la Torre Kenosha
Dean's List Emily Dean Walworth
Dean's List Samantha Debartolo Kenosha
Dean's List Samantha Delgreco Kenosha
Dean's List Emilie Denko Kenosha
Dean's List David Dennee Kenosha
Dean's List Alysha Dennison Kenosha
Dean's List Dylan Derousseau Monroe
Dean's List Jonathan DeVita Lake
Dean's List Emma DeVore Kenosha
Dean's List John Diamond Dupage
Dean's List Joshua Diaz Kenosha
Dean's List Dylan Dickman Walworth
Dean's List Alexzander Dietterich Milwaukee
Dean's List Matthew Dittbrender Racine
Dean's List Brittany Dobrowski Racine
Dean's List Angelica Dowgiert Cook
Dean's List Byron Dowse Kenosha
Dean's List Claudia Drea Racine
Dean's List Julia Duensing Kenosha
Dean's List Brian Duff Kenosha
Dean's List Ashley Dumas  
Dean's List Edith Duran Milwaukee
Dean's List Amy Dyke Racine
Dean's List Morgan Edwards Racine
Dean's List Crystal Egbo Kenosha
Dean's List Mariah Eiben Racine
Dean's List Kaytlyn Eidson Kenosha
Dean's List Victoria Einhorn Kenosha
Dean's List Nicholas Eisenmenger Jackson
Dean's List Georgina Eishold  
Dean's List Iftikhar Ejaz Milwaukee
Dean's List Kiersten Ekornaas Kenosha
Dean's List Andrea Eliason Saint Croix
Dean's List Emily Ergen Milwaukee
Dean's List Alexis Erickson Racine
Dean's List Elise Eschmann Racine
Dean's List Joseph Eterno Dupage
Dean's List Brock Eves Hillsdale
Dean's List Karla Falcon Lake
Dean's List Jacob Faris Racine
Dean's List Catherine Fennema Walworth
Dean's List Latasha Finch Milwaukee
Dean's List Samuel Fitzwater-Butchart Milwaukee
Dean's List Matthew Fix Racine
Dean's List Kyle Flanagan Cook
Dean's List Haley Fliess Kenosha
Dean's List Matthew Flowers Sheboygan
Dean's List Ryan Fodor Racine
Dean's List Emma Foley Brown
Dean's List Jarett Folsom Lake
Dean's List Sophia Formolo  
Dean's List Lainey Fort Kenosha
Dean's List Leslie Fosdick Kenosha
Dean's List Sarah Frederick Kenosha
Dean's List Nicole Fredericks Sheboygan
Dean's List Shayna Frost Kenosha
Dean's List Brigit Frye Milwaukee
Dean's List Joshua Furlough Racine
Dean's List Sydney Galica Racine
Dean's List Angel Galvez Racine
Dean's List Summer Galvin Kenosha
Dean's List Yessica Garcia Walworth
Dean's List Emily Gehrand Racine
Dean's List Nikol Geht Lake
Dean's List Adam Gentz Kenosha
Dean's List Ashley Gentz Kenosha
Dean's List Ariana Gibeault Brown
Dean's List Kayla Gilbreath Racine
Dean's List Kristina Gilewski Kenosha
Dean's List Mitchell Glodoski Racine
Dean's List Vanessa Godina Will
Dean's List Lindsey Goessl Kenosha
Dean's List Isabela Goldring Milwaukee
Dean's List Nicole Goldstein Lake
Dean's List Leticia Gomez Lake
Dean's List Jason Gonzales Racine
Dean's List Vanessa Gonzales Kenosha
Dean's List Raylene Gonzalez Kenosha
Dean's List Alexander Gordon Racine
Dean's List Joseph Graham Kenosha
Dean's List Cheyenne Grant Kenosha
Dean's List Nathan Gray Racine
Dean's List Olivia Greener Milwaukee
Dean's List Shelby Gross Kenosha
Dean's List Jacob Gruenewald Milwaukee
Dean's List Miguel Guerrero Lake
Dean's List Seryna Gula Lake
Dean's List Alexandra Guyer Milwaukee
Dean's List Laura Guzman Lake
Dean's List James Gwarnicki Lake
Dean's List Steffani Halvorsen Walworth
Dean's List Mutaz Hamdan Milwaukee
Dean's List Garrett Hamilton Kenosha
Dean's List Domenic Hammudeh Canyon
Dean's List Blythe Haney Racine
Dean's List King Hang Manitowoc
Dean's List Codie Hannemann Racine
Dean's List Kaely Hannemann Racine
Dean's List Alexandra Harrah Kenosha
Dean's List Hana Hasa Milwaukee
Dean's List Joseph Hassler Kenosha
Dean's List Allison Hausl Kane
Dean's List Amanda Hayes Kenosha
Dean's List Dalton Heffel Racine
Dean's List Andrew Heiler Kenosha
Dean's List Brittany Helding Racine
Dean's List Sarah Hemken Kenosha
Dean's List Isiah Hemphill Milwaukee
Dean's List Lauren Henke Kenosha
Dean's List Michael Hennessy Kenosha
Dean's List Kevin Hernandez Kenosha
Dean's List Mynor Herrera Lake
Dean's List Cameron Hetland Racine
Dean's List Marcella Hill Milwaukee
Dean's List Stephanie Hill Kenosha
Dean's List Branden Hodge Milwaukee
Dean's List Samantha Hodge Kenosha
Dean's List Colin Hoffman Kenosha
Dean's List Daniel Hoffman Lake
Dean's List Nicole Hoffmann Walworth
Dean's List Ryan Hollander Lake
Dean's List Luke Hooker Dane
Dean's List Ryan Hopkins Lake
Dean's List Emily Horejsch Kenosha
Dean's List Ian Howland Racine
Dean's List Alyssa Hrncar Kenosha
Dean's List Eh Hser Milwaukee
Dean's List Leah Huber Racine
Dean's List Brianna Humke Iowa
Dean's List Hope Hummel Kenosha
Dean's List Lauryn Humphrey Kenosha
Dean's List Dylan Hutchison Racine
Dean's List Mercedes Islas Kenosha
Dean's List Ana Ivanic Racine
Dean's List Adrien Jackson  
Dean's List Jesse Jackson Kenosha
Dean's List Michael Jassak Kenosha
Dean's List Bryan Johnson Racine
Dean's List Stephanie Johnson Racine
Dean's List Connor Johnston Kenosha
Dean's List Duncan Johnston Kenosha
Dean's List Brianna Jones Waukesha
Dean's List Garrett Jones Kenosha
Dean's List Sanad Joseph Kenosha
Dean's List Grace Joslin Tulare
Dean's List Daniel Kaprelian Racine
Dean's List Abigail Karasek Milwaukee
Dean's List Jenna Karasek Racine
Dean's List Jessica Karaway Racine
Dean's List Emily Karls Racine
Dean's List Quincy Kayle Kenosha
Dean's List Sydney Keckeisen Kenosha
Dean's List Remy Keifer Nobles
Dean's List Jenna Kelly Kenosha
Dean's List Mackenzie Kelly Kenosha
Dean's List Holly Kent Racine
Dean's List Daniel Kerstan Walworth
Dean's List Zachary Kiedrowski Door
Dean's List Ryan Kirsch Kenosha
Dean's List Elizabeth Klauck Manitowoc
Dean's List Riley Klein Walworth
Dean's List Jenna Kleinofen Lake
Dean's List Ryan Kliger Kenosha
Dean's List Jessica Knuth Kenosha
Dean's List Nathan Kochiu Milwaukee
Dean's List Brian Kolaczewski Kenosha
Dean's List Kameron Kolberg Winnebago
Dean's List Aneta Kopacz Cook
Dean's List Elizabeth Koss Milwaukee
Dean's List Emily Kowalski  
Dean's List Jessica Kozak Lake
Dean's List Wilfreda Kramer Ozaukee
Dean's List Alissa Kravig Racine
Dean's List Sara Kubiszewski Milwaukee
Dean's List Sarina Kuechle Lake
Dean's List Yamini Kumar  
Dean's List Kevin Kummerow Kenosha
Dean's List Alexander Kutzke Milwaukee
Dean's List Lauren La Gioia Cook
Dean's List Marshall Ladd Racine
Dean's List Cameron Lafond Racine
Dean's List Samuel Lail Racine
Dean's List Lauren Lamey Kenosha
Dean's List Amy Lanctot Racine
Dean's List Lee Langham Cook
Dean's List Evan Lartey Kenosha
Dean's List Isaac Lawler Kenosha
Dean's List Asiah Lawson Larimer
Dean's List Adam LeBlanc Lake
Dean's List Jacob Lederhaus Waukesha
Dean's List Amanda Ledesma Kenosha
Dean's List Hannah Lehman McHenry
Dean's List Joseph Leidlein Kenosha
Dean's List Keough Lemieux Racine
Dean's List Paige Lewellyn Kenosha
Dean's List Sydney Lewis Milwaukee
Dean's List Mayra Leyva Racine
Dean's List Leticia L'Huillier Milwaukee
Dean's List Jiayi Li  
Dean's List Ming Fang Li  
Dean's List Theodore Liapis Racine
Dean's List Andres Lira Kenosha
Dean's List Noah Lira Kenosha
Dean's List Katherine Loesl Kenosha
Dean's List Emily Loewen Kenosha
Dean's List Samuel Lomen Hennepin
Dean's List Andrew Long Kenosha
Dean's List Angelina Lopez Racine
Dean's List Elliana Lopez Kenosha
Dean's List Jada Lovelady Lake
Dean's List Jonas Maciunas Lake
Dean's List Liam Maier Racine
Dean's List Samuel Maier Racine
Dean's List Cesar Maldonado Racine
Dean's List Zachary Manibog Dupage
Dean's List Alexander Markiewicz Kenosha
Dean's List Helena Marqui Lake
Dean's List Brittany Marshall Kenosha
Dean's List Connor Marth Kenosha
Dean's List Audrey Martinez Racine
Dean's List Mason Martini Racine
Dean's List Darrian Mastandrea Lake
Dean's List Brandon Matley Kenosha
Dean's List Clayton Maurer Racine
Dean's List Kyle Maurer Racine
Dean's List Lindsey Maxfield Kenosha
Dean's List Mathew Mayes Kenosha
Dean's List Lindsay Mazurek Kenosha
Dean's List Alyssa McClelland Racine
Dean's List Matthew McCulloch Lake
Dean's List Jonathan McGray Racine
Dean's List Sean Mcneil Kenosha
Dean's List Kyle Mealy Kenosha
Dean's List Rylee Meekma Racine
Dean's List Kajal Mehta Lake
Dean's List Meagan Meier Milwaukee
Dean's List Erika Meredith Racine
Dean's List Emma Meyer Ozaukee
Dean's List Shamoon Mian Kenosha
Dean's List Aaron Michaels Racine
Dean's List Tricia Miller Kenosha
Dean's List Kurt Mlachnik Waukesha
Dean's List Alex Monahan Racine
Dean's List Marilyn Monroy Racine
Dean's List Kayleigh Moore  
Dean's List Morgan Moore Walworth
Dean's List Brandon Moreno Racine
Dean's List Jacob Mudge Racine
Dean's List Charlotte Muehleman Lake
Dean's List Joseph Munding Racine
Dean's List Ashley Mundy Racine
Dean's List Summer Munns Kenosha
Dean's List Mariana Murillo Racine
Dean's List Alisha Murphy Manitowoc
Dean's List Nina Musurlian Racine
Dean's List Kimberley Mvetimbo Tambo
Dean's List Jacob Myers McHenry
Dean's List Connor Naeve Racine
Dean's List Ricardo Navarro Racine
Dean's List Dana Nelson Lake
Dean's List Samantha Newtoff Will
Dean's List Justin Nguyen Lake
Dean's List Nora Nichols Racine
Dean's List Maggie Nielsen Racine
Dean's List Connor Nopenz Kenosha
Dean's List Steven Novak Milwaukee
Dean's List Liliana Ochoa Martinez Kenosha
Dean's List James O'Donnell Cook
Dean's List Jaykie Okupniak Racine
Dean's List Christopher Oliver Kenosha
Dean's List Rachel Olson Racine
Dean's List Jacy Olszewski Winnebago
Dean's List Rebecca Orellana Lake
Dean's List Madelyn Orr Kenosha
Dean's List Katelyn Ostermann Waukesha
Dean's List Zaven Ouzounian Racine
Dean's List Jesse Pallo Milwaukee
Dean's List Joel Pantoja Ortega Lake
Dean's List Rachael Papp Lake
Dean's List Megan Pappa Kenosha
Dean's List Dipal Patel Racine
Dean's List Samirah Patterson Milwaukee
Dean's List Ashley Pavlak Kenosha
Dean's List Heather Peak Kenosha
Dean's List Ashley Pecha Kenosha
Dean's List Nayit Perez Kenosha
Dean's List Suleimy Perez Walworth
Dean's List Sarah Petrovic Racine
Dean's List Allison Phillips Kenosha
Dean's List Panagiotis Piliouras Racine
Dean's List Michael Pinnow Kenosha
Dean's List Jasmine Pinter Kenosha
Dean's List Ciara Pitt Racine
Dean's List Kara Placzek Milwaukee
Dean's List Povi Plank Coconino
Dean's List Hannah Plockelman Waukesha
Dean's List Samantha Porter Kenosha
Dean's List Kylee Post Kenosha
Dean's List Leah Poulos Kenosha
Dean's List Connor Price Kenosha
Dean's List Jessica Pringle Kenosha
Dean's List Lauren Prochniak Kenosha
Dean's List Noah Prokash Brown
Dean's List Dale Prokop-Valiquette Racine
Dean's List Scott Pulera Kenosha
Dean's List Miranda Purlee Racine
Dean's List Brian Quigley Lake
Dean's List Kyle Racas Kenosha
Dean's List Danielle Raine Racine
Dean's List Yadira Ramirez Milwaukee
Dean's List Caleb Ramos Kenosha
Dean's List Marisol Ramos Perez Kenosha
Dean's List Emma Ramsey Racine
Dean's List Ravneet Randhawa Racine
Dean's List Christopher Ranker Walworth
Dean's List Daniel Rantisi Kenosha
Dean's List Samantha Raymond Racine
Dean's List Nour Rayyan Kenosha
Dean's List Cody Reilly Kenosha
Dean's List Elizabeth Renguette Racine
Dean's List Andrew Reuter Racine
Dean's List Talia Rhutasel Kenosha
Dean's List Emily Richter Kenosha
Dean's List Maranda Riley Lake
Dean's List Hannah Rios Milwaukee
Dean's List Perla Rivera Racine
Dean's List Joel Robinson Milwaukee
Dean's List Heather Rock Kenosha
Dean's List Peter Rockwell Racine
Dean's List Alyssa Rodriguez Kenosha
Dean's List Ceasar Rodriguez Lake
Dean's List Joshua Rodriguez Lake
Dean's List Bryant Romero Walworth
Dean's List Oliver Rosado Ozaukee
Dean's List Brianna Rosales Lake
Dean's List David Rosing McHenry
Dean's List Lily Routh Kenosha
Dean's List Heather Rozman Kenosha
Dean's List Samuel Rozzoni Racine
Dean's List Joseph Rudd Kenosha
Dean's List Anthony Ruiz Milwaukee
Dean's List Tyler Runte Waukesha
Dean's List Noah Runyard Kenosha
Dean's List Andrew Russell Waukesha
Dean's List Kess Ryan Outagamie
Dean's List Nushratzaha Saiyad Kenosha
Dean's List Evelyn Salazar Kenosha
Dean's List Jesus Sandoval Racine
Dean's List Brooke Santelli Kenosha
Dean's List Danielle Santelli Kenosha
Dean's List Nicholas Savasta Racine
Dean's List Amberlynn Scanlan Lake
Dean's List Corey Schaefer Kenosha
Dean's List Monica Schaefer Kenosha
Dean's List Victoria Schantz Kenosha
Dean's List Mandy Schenn Eau Claire
Dean's List Lucas Schevikhoven Racine
Dean's List Peyton Schneider McHenry
Dean's List Scott Schroeder Milwaukee
Dean's List Robert Schuler Racine
Dean's List Kyle Schulz Kenosha
Dean's List Rosemary Schweitzer Racine
Dean's List Karli Schwer Kenosha
Dean's List Alexis Sell Milwaukee
Dean's List Hannah Sellman Kenosha
Dean's List Mile Sever Milwaukee
Dean's List Courtney Shatkins Kenosha
Dean's List Jennifer Shaw Racine
Dean's List Adrienne Shimada Racine
Dean's List Kallie Shramek Kenosha
Dean's List Jaskirat Sidhu Kenosha
Dean's List Morgan Sikon Kane
Dean's List Jordan Silverman Racine
Dean's List Jodi Simmelink Washington
Dean's List Julianne Simpkins Kenosha
Dean's List Deja Simpson Kenosha
Dean's List Ishmeet Singh Kenosha
Dean's List Simardeep Singh Racine
Dean's List Vipul Singh Waukesha
Dean's List Morgan Skarda Kenosha
Dean's List Cecilia Skurski Kenosha
Dean's List RaeAnna Slager Kenosha
Dean's List Erik Slusser Kenosha
Dean's List Abigail Small Racine
Dean's List Jenna Smetters Kenosha
Dean's List Heidi Smith Racine
Dean's List Mason Smith Kenosha
Dean's List Tyler Smith Milwaukee
Dean's List Alaina Snider Kenosha
Dean's List Joseph Solka Cook
Dean's List Bailey Sorensen Racine
Dean's List Okiany Soto Kenosha
Dean's List Pernille Spanner Walworth
Dean's List Spencer Spiewak Walworth
Dean's List Cole Standiford Racine
Dean's List Jordan Stanek Grant
Dean's List Tennille Stanfield Kenosha
Dean's List Samantha Stefferud Kenosha
Dean's List Tyler Steinsdorfer Kenosha
Dean's List Michael Stevens Kenosha
Dean's List Hanna Stoebe Kenosha
Dean's List Ashley Stover Kenosha
Dean's List Alexander Sturino Kenosha
Dean's List Gianna Sturino Kenosha
Dean's List Melissa Sturycz Kenosha
Dean's List Kaitlyn Suarez Racine
Dean's List Oliver Sue Lake
Dean's List Michael Swanson Dupage
Dean's List Molly Swihart Kenosha
Dean's List Sarah Szepieniec Dane
Dean's List Hannah Tangen Racine
Dean's List Eleazar Tapia Kenosha
Dean's List Terrill Taylor Racine
Dean's List Matthew Tegtmeier McHenry
Dean's List Justin Terhune Racine
Dean's List Babita Thapa Cook
Dean's List Eric Thompson Waukesha
Dean's List Megan Tornoe Racine
Dean's List Justin Trautman Waukesha
Dean's List Sophia Trbojevich Lake
Dean's List Shane Tremel Rock
Dean's List Kody Trepanier Lake
Dean's List Sher Umar Racine
Dean's List Subhan Umar Racine
Dean's List Morgan Underhill Racine
Dean's List Mathew Unverrich Racine
Dean's List Anthony Ureda Racine
Dean's List Ashleigh Valukas Racine
Dean's List Zackary Van Den Berge Kenosha
Dean's List Sydney Van Kammen Kenosha
Dean's List Taylor Van Pamel Kenosha
Dean's List Michael Vanderstappen Dekalb
Dean's List Sadie Vanderwall Lake
Dean's List Preston Vang Ozaukee
Dean's List Alex Velazquez Milwaukee
Dean's List Maria Venegas Racine
Dean's List Morgan Venn Racine
Dean's List Cheyenne Vernezze Kenosha
Dean's List Grace Vorpahl Racine
Dean's List Bryan Voss Milwaukee
Dean's List Jonathan Wade Kenosha
Dean's List Amanda Washington Milwaukee
Dean's List Samantha Watkins Kenosha
Dean's List Brooklyn Watts Milwaukee
Dean's List Michael Webb Lake
Dean's List Julia Weber Lake
Dean's List Dakota Wehausen Manitowoc
Dean's List Francesca Weidner Kenosha
Dean's List Noah Weitkuhn Racine
Dean's List Geoffrey Westburg Kenosha
Dean's List Gage Whetstone Kenosha
Dean's List Milton White Kenosha
Dean's List Holden Whitledge Rock
Dean's List Steve Wiertel Bogan Cook
Dean's List Peter Wierzba Kenosha
Dean's List Michaela Wieties Racine
Dean's List Abda Williams Racine
Dean's List Julia Williams  
Dean's List Sam Williams Racine
Dean's List Hannah Willis Kenosha
Dean's List Patrick Wirth Kenosha
Dean's List Sarah Wojahn Wood
Dean's List Madalyn Wolf Walworth
Dean's List Mitchell Wolfe Racine
Dean's List Bryan Wolfer Lake
Dean's List Antwan Wright Kenosha
Dean's List Kaila Wright Racine
Dean's List Andrew Wyrowski Racine
Dean's List Chimeng Xiong Milwaukee
Dean's List Dao Xiong Milwaukee
Dean's List Pang-Yia Xiong Racine
Dean's List Maleia Ysteboe Wright
Dean's List Jaquelin Zaragoza Milwaukee
Dean's List John Zenzola Kenosha
Dean's List Alex Ziccarelli Kenosha
Dean's List Jessica Ziccarelli Kenosha
Dean's List Jordan Ziegler Walworth
Dean's List Jazmin Zierten Kenosha
Dean's List Timothy Zinski Racine
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