UW System Program Revenue Balance

Published: October 8, 2014
Report to Board of Regents

Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, the University of Wisconsin System will present an extensive, transparent report to the Board of Regents detailing $175 million in reserves.

At the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, we do not have reserves. Approximately five years ago, as part of sound financial stewardship, we began addressing structural issues relating to our budget. Our administrative team worked to develop a financial plan spanning the next six years. Key elements of the plan include stabilizing enrollment, realizing savings where possible, and securing assistance from UW System.

As we shared with campus a few weeks ago:

  • Gains in retention along with increases in transfer students, full-time students, and student-credit hours are helping us achieve our goal of sustainable enrollment growth.
  • All across campus, departments are making choices to most effectively use limited resources while continuing to create opportunities for student success.
  • We received additional support from UW System to grow our Institute of Professional Educator Development, initiate the UW System Flex Degree Program, and launch new enrollment initiatives.
  • Our entire operating budget accounts for less than 3 percent of the overall UW System budget and our program revenue balances (including planned, obligated and designated) are less than one percent of all UW System program revenue balances.
  • We have intentionally grown our program revenue balances and have been fiscally conservative for the purpose of developing a sustainable financial model. Increased balances have resulted from better-than-expected retention and more full-time and transfer students.

The UW System report details $711 million in obligated and planned expenses, and $42 million designated for campus-specific aspects of the UW System Talent Development Initiative. Here at UW-Parkside, 99 percent of our program fund balance is planned, obligated or designated.

There is a negative balance in our auxiliary fund mainly due to the debt service on our three residence halls. Prior to adding Pike River Suites, the university was operating above full occupancy in Ranger Hall and University Apartments. Our financial plan takes into account that Pike River Suites will not immediately be at full occupancy. The auxiliary fund balance will continue to move toward a positive balance as we approach full occupancy and the debt service on each building is retired.

As UW System President Ray Cross mentioned earlier this week, Parkside is one of five institutions with cash-flow challenges and that each location has a good plan in place and UW System is working diligently with each campus.

Regardless of the financial challenge, the entire campus community is willing to do what needs to be done in order to build a financially strong and sustainable UW-Parkside. For close to 50 years, tens of thousands of students have counted on us to help transform their lives. UW-Parkside faculty and staff will meet the challenge together and continue the "Real. Amazing." tradition of affordable and accessible higher education for our students in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

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