UW-Parkside Hosts Harp Petting Zoo March 24

Published: February 21, 2019

SOMERS- UW-Parkside invites you to the Harp Petting Zoo in the Bedford Concert Hall in the Rita talent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities on Sunday, March 24, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Since Ancient times, people have been entranced by the sound of the plucked harp string. On Sunday March 24, come see them up close and try them out at this free, all ages event!

The Harp Petting Zoo returns to Parkside for its second year, bringing the public a chance to see instruments renowned for their unusual characteristics and scarcity. This free event is an open invitation to the public to play a rare instrument while connecting with the UW-Parkisde music department. The goal of the event is to give everyone a chance to play! Parent supervision is requested for children 11 and younger.

The Harp Petting Zoo is led by Anne Morse-Hambrock, harp instructor at UW-Parkside and Carthage College, and Principal Harp in the Kenosha Symphony. Anne Morse-Hambrock has been active as a performer of both Classical and Jazz repertoire throughout the midwest. She has been featured as a soloist in a number of performances and is the only harpist ever accepted as an Artist in Residence by the Wisconsin Arts Board. She specializes in new and avant-garde music and has given a demonstration of extended harp techniques and improvisation to youth at the World Harp Congress.

Inquiries about the event can be directed to Anne Morse Hambrock at 262-658-2676 or via email at annesharp@tds.net. More information about UW-Parkside music department events can be found at uwp.edu/rita.

Harp Petting Zoo

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