Kristin Holmberg-Wright Stella C. Gray Award

Published: August 26, 2015



Nominations for the Stella C. Gray Teaching Excellence Award come from students. That in itself tells you so much about why this award is coveted and highly respected. Nominations are reviewed and the final selections are then made by faculty; another reason why this award is special.

One of two honorees for 2014-2015 is Distinguished Lecturer of Management Dr. Kristin Holmberg-Wright.

The Stella Gray award reflects how students feel about the classroom experience. One student wrote of Dr. Kristin Holmberg-Wright, "Anyone can lecture, but she knows how to teach."

Another student wrote, "One of the most emotionally expressive, energetic, positive instructors at UW-Parkside."   

Kristin is known for always bringing real, up-to-the-moment and future information to her lectures. Her students are excited to share what they have learned with others, and to use that knowledge to make better decisions that help them succeed.  

And finally this comment, "Dr. Holmberg-Wright always makes sure her classes receive top-notch value."   

Congratulations, Kristin.

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