New Student Convocation Welcomes Record Class

Published: September 5, 2017
By: Derek Fye

Class of 2021

The beginning of the new semester for incoming freshman and transfer students always brings excitement, anticipation, and a little uncertainty. UW-Parkside began the semester with a New Student Convocation, Tuesday, Sept. 5, in the Sports & Activity center welcoming the largest incoming class in the past five years.

During the ceremony, students were introduced to key staff and faculty members and learned about the new and exciting opportunities afforded to them at UW-Parkside. Dr. Bryan Lewis, assistant dean for health-related professions, led an energetic and thought-provoking discussion about why students are pursuing their chosen major, and finding meaning and purpose in their education.

In May, the university celebrated its largest commencement in history. UW-Parkside Chancellor Debbie Ford, reminded new students that someday they themselves would be walking across the commencement stage. “Begin with the goal in mind,” Ford said. Because the 2017 incoming class is so large, Ford predicted another record graduating class in 2021.

Freshman Aaron Lance says he is excited for the opportunity to choose his own classes and follow his own schedule. Many freshman are concerned with making new friends, getting used to a new environment, and learning how classes work in general. New students are often looking for their niche at Parkside. The opportunity to discover a club or organization that might be interest takes place at the Involvement Fair Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Convenient location and affordable tuition are two reasons that make UW-Parkside attractive to students looking for an institution to further their education. Freshman also enjoy the layout of the campus and the clean and well-maintained appearance of the buildings and grounds.

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