Kim White: Diversity Award

Published: August 27, 2019

Kim White serves as the manager of the Parkside Academic Resource Center (PARC) at the university. She is also one of the campus’ Safe Zone Facilitators. (Safe Zone is a program designed to create a network of visible allies to people who identify as part of the diverse LGBTQ community). Kim has been a member of the UW-Parkside community since 2006, when she started with Wisconsin Campus Compact. She has taken part in many initiatives since then that have positively changed the campus climate for students, faculty, and staff who hold marginalized identities.

Her combined leadership on the Dignity and Respect Task Force has been second to none. The Dignity and Respect Task Force came into being as the university began to see civility issues on the rise amongst students. After many discussions with Student Affairs, Stephanie Sirovatka-Marshall and Kim moved the initiative forward. (Stephanie is a fellow Diversity Award winner this year.) Together, they have presented the Dignity and Respect campaign to faculty and staff at convocation, introduced new students to Dignity and Respect at orientation, signed a commitment banner, hosted Parkside Unites: March Against Hate, sponsored a book read titled The Civility Solution: What to do when People are Rude, created the Dignity and Respect web site with the marketing department, brought guest speaker, dr. becky martinez, to campus to help provide tips and tools for navigating conflict on a small, diverse campus such as UW-Parkside, and more.

Kim has also been recognized as the winner of the statement P.B. Poorman award for Outstanding Achievement on Behalf of LGBTQ People in 2015, because of her contributions with safe zone. She also was a recipient of the Advising Excellence Award and the Ranger Impact Award. Kim is also the organizer and chief cook for Parkside’s Queer Thanksgiving, which provides a Thanksgiving meal, donated by faculty and staff, for LGBTQ students and allies. Her education, judgment, expertise, and inane ability to treat people as they want to be treated is a pillar for us all to aspire towards.

Kim’s hobbies include working in her yard and flower gardens, watching women’s basketball, spending time with her dog Rudy and cat Marley, and spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Congratulations, Kim White!

Kim White
Km White

Diversity Award Winner

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