KTEC Looking for Volunteers for Junior Achievement Programs

Published: January 26, 2018

Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum (KTEC) is running Junior Achievement programs in four additional grades this year and is looking for volunteers from the community to teach the courses. Junior Achievement provides the financial literacy programs and all materials, including detailed teaching guides and lesson plans. The programs are taught in regular classrooms but by volunteers from the community. This brings a real-world element and experiences into the classrooms. The classroom teacher remains in the room to assist and provide classroom management. The volunteer and classroom teacher will work together to schedule the lessons on days/times that work for both. Scheduling is very flexible, it could be every day for one week, one day a week for five weeks, etc. All lessons are approximately 45 minutes long.

If volunteers need to teach six 30 minute lessons, or consolidate to get all the lessons done in four sessions, that is also acceptable. It can be worked out between the classroom teacher and the volunteer. Volunteers are provided a comprehensive teacher kit that contains everything they need and very detailed lesson plans. Volunteers do not need to do everything exactly the way it is; the idea is to teach the concepts. There is also more training available if volunteers would like.

Below is a list of grades and programs, as well as an idea of when the teacher is looking to run the program. If you, coworkers, or employees would like to be volunteers, please contact Kristen Kief, KTEC Media and Community Relations, at kkief@kusd.edu or 262-359-7133.

Third Grade – “Our City”

Taught in two classrooms. One teacher is interested in running the program Feb 12-16, Mar 12-16, or in May. One of the teachers would like to run the program after April 12th. This link provides a snapshot of the program, concepts being taught, and volunteer information.


Sixth and Seventh Grades – “It’s My Business”

This timeframe is a little more specific because we have to work within the middle-school advisory block on Fridays. There are three 6th grades and three 7th grades that need to run the program on the following dates: February 2nd, 9th, 16th, March 2nd, 16th, and April 13th, 20th.

Grade 6’s advisory is every Friday, from 12:40-1:30 and Grade 7’s advisory is every Friday, from 1:30-2:20. Because the lessons are the same for each grade and the times are back to back, volunteers can teach the same lesson twice in a row (once to a 6th grade classroom 12:40-1:30 and then to a 7th grade classroom 1:30-2:20) if they would like to but it is not mandatory. Volunteers can pick one grade/time if they prefer.


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