Rock Solid Leadership

Published: April 27, 2015
The core principles of the "Rock Solid Leadership Awards" are based on "The Leadership Challenge" and "The Social Change Model of Leadership Development."

By participating in various leadership activities, students are able to identify the skills, knowledge, and experiences that comprise successful leadership, and engage in exercises and discussions that allow them to learn about their individual characteristics, and begin to make a connection between their current experiences and those of a leader.

Students learned how to think critically about leadership, and the role that leadership plays in their lives as students and as aspiring professionals. They will be able to identify leadership strengths, skills, knowledge, and experiences within themselves, and engage in discussions about how they can use their leadership qualities to better themselves and a team.

Mount McKinley Leadership Certificate
Students attend six leadership-related workshops or programs
  • Jake Armellar
  • Jake Boxrud
  • Robert Collier
  • Meghan Conley
  • Emily Gray
  • Matthew Hoyt
  • Sean Jones
  • Kevin Petitt-Scantling
  • Megan Puhl
  • Alisa Quimby
  • Shane Rose
  • Andrew Tarkington

Mount Kilimanjaro Leadership Certificate 
Students attend six leadership-related workshops or programs and complete eight or more hours of community service
  • Emily Gray
  • Maikou Lor
  • Maria Morales
  • Alexa Morgan
  • Christian Peck
  • Kang Xiong
  • Jin Woo Yang
  • Mai Yer Yang
  • Yingya Yang

Mount Everest Leadership Certificate
Students attend three 2-hour sessions that include both a presentation and an interactive activity, complete 10 or more hours of community service, and complete a reflection.
  • Kristin Bensen
  • Simmi Bharwani
  • Kaitlyn Bjerk
  • Nicole O'Hearn
  • Christian Peck
  • Erica Taylor
  • Ramla Walker-Hakeem
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