Millennial Expert at UW-Parkside March 16

Published: February 28, 2017

More generations share the workplace today than ever before which requires a different type of leadership and employee engagement.

Millennial Workplace Expert Lindsey Pollak Lindsey Pollakwill join us to enlighten employers, higher education faculty and staff, and economic development partners as to how members of all generations can succeed and work together more effectively. 

Register at Pollak will lead a session later the same day for college students.

At this session attendees will:


Discover the key workplace preferences of millennials and how to integrate them with other the preferences of other generations.


Hear about best practices at companies that are successfully attracting, engaging, and retaining top millennial talent.


Learn tactical strategies for managing, engaging, and training millennial employees.


Discover potential points of generational conflict and tactics to handle them.

Learn how to strengthen cross-generational communication.

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