Wyllie More Open Under New Plan

Published: October 27, 2014
Sometimes in life, you have to go back to the beginning.
That's exactly what Workshop Architects Inc. did with the Wyllie Hall Renewal and Academic Success project. "The unique thing about Wyllie Hall and Parkside is the strong architectural concept built into the original design," said Scott Georgeson, FAIA, of Workshop Architects. "We needed to step back and understand the original intent." 

The proposed plan returns Main Place to its original role as the learning center of campus. "We saw that the D1 level had become cluttered over the years," Georgeson said. "We wanted to unclutter the space and create more open circulation on the D1 level over to Greenquist." 

The proposed design also creates a space where students, faculty, staff and community visitors will have an outdoor view from almost anywhere on the D1 level. Opening the space includes creating access to the main staircase and elevators from the D1 level. 

New Technology Part of Plan

Georgeson said the current fire-sprinkler installation in Wyllie Hall is an important element that enables the open design. The original structure used walls to create fire barriers for building safety. The installation of fire sprinklers creates a safer environment and allows barriers to be removed. 

Another change that will help create a more open Wyllie Hall is the way libraries effectively manage security. Ultimately, changes in building safety and library security have enabled Workshop Architects Inc. to create a more comfortable space that will be easier for students and visitors to use.
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