Monday Update: College of Business, Economics and Computing Update

Published: March 8, 2021
By: Dean Dirk Baldwin

The Australian Business Deans Council’s (ABDC) journal quality list has become a standard way for business schools to communicate quality of business and economics publications. From 2016-2020, faculty in the College of Business, Economics, and Computing (CBEC) published 13 articles in ABDC’s highest categories (A and A+). This, of course, is not the only way to determine the impact of scholarly work. In that same time period, faculty coauthored or supervised academic conference papers and journal publications with over 50 students.  Other work by faculty are directed toward professional practitioners. This work is key for achieving the mission of the college and university. The following is sample of recent work:

  • Dr. Sahar Bahmani, Professor of Finance, is coediting the book, Asian Countries: Economic, Political and Social Issues, Nova Publishing Company, New York, 2021.MondayUpdateCBEC graphic She was also the featured expert in "WalletHub's Best 0% APR Credit Cards" January 2021 and in February 2021 , "Helping victims of predatory payday loan debt" by Credit Summit.
  • Dr. Roby Rajan, Professor of Operations, has a forthcoming publication on disaster management in International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies.
  • Dr. Robert Fok, Associate Professor of Finance published “Do cross-border mergers and acquisitions affect acquirers’ trade credit? Evidence from an emerging market,” in International Review of Economics and Finance.
  • Dr. Suresh Chalasani, Professor of MIS and Associate Dean, has a forthcoming article “The University of Wisconsin Flexible Option is an Effective Model to Prepare Students for a Recovering Economy” in The Journal of Competency Based Education. On March 9, Dirk Baldwin and Suresh Chalasani will be presenting “Competency-Based Business Programs: Key Design Features and Considerations for AACSB Accreditation” at the AACSB Innovative Curriculum Conference. On March 25, Suresh Chalasani will be presenting “Technology Strategies to Improve Student Learning of Healthcare Reimbursement” at the MBAA Conference.

In addition to publications, faculty continue to find innovative ways to engage students during the pandemic:

  • Susan Lincke, Professor of Computer Science, created a flipped class where videos of lectures are online and class time is used for exercises. A number of faculty have invited guest speakers to class.
  • Jennifer Wright-Tsegai, Lecturer in Business, hosted Emily Hase, Senior Associate at Goldman Sachs, to discuss organizational culture and William Siirola, Facility Asset Management Planner at Walt Disney World, to discuss organizational communication in a time of COVID at Walt Disney World.
  • Peter Knight, Professor of Marketing, hosted Ryan Caho, Sherwin Williams, to discuss Career Preparation and Job Search; Lisa Winter, Uline, presented Is a Career in Sales for you? Kassidy Pollasch, Northwestern Mutual, discussed Personal Branding; Joel Lalgee '11, UWP Business grad and Social Media Expert, Leveraging Linke In for Sales Success; Fred Varin and Jackie Brainer, TopLine Results, presented CRM/Analytics, Mason Martin, UWP Sales Grad, My Path to a Successful Medical Sales Career; and Larry Baab, Group VP--Johnson Outdoors, discussed Restructuring the Key Account Program.
  • Larry Baab was also hosted by Abey Kuruvilla, Associate Professor of Operations, where he presented Challenges of COVID-19 in Operations.

CBEC continues its practice of using community-based learning (CBL). Peter Knight’s classes have worked on the community survey for Visioning Greater Racine for five semesters. Bingqing Wu, Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, used CBL in the introductory human resource management class. Students in this class analyzed remote work experiences at Adidas, SC Johnson, Unico, Department of Defense Personnel Support Detachment Naval Station-Great Lakes, Schueler, LaFond and Associate, Walgreens, and IEA.

CBEC is also offering new classes this semester. For example, Big Data and Causal Inference, is being taught by Ling Li, Assistant Professor of Economics and Game Theory in Economics and Business, is being taught by Adeel Faheem, Assistant Professor Economics.

Dennis Kaufman, Professor of Economics, states, “The pandemic and recent events and phenomena like the Texas freeze and power market disruption, climate change and pricing carbon emissions, and the GameStop stock volatility provide numerous real-world examples of economics principles and modelling for most economics courses, such as ECON 120: Principles of Microeconomics and ECON 300: Environmental Economics, thereby demonstrate once again that 'life is economics.'”

Finally, if you are interested in seeing CBEC in action, please see the following videos:

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