National Conference for Undergraduate Research

Published: April 14, 2017
By: Kamala Burks

SOMERS - The University of Wisconsin- Parkside had a total of 10 students and two faculty members present at the 2017 National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Memphis, Tenn., April 6-8. Of the student presentations, nine were from the university's College of Natural and Health Sciences.

The NCUR hosts thousands of students from around the country, focusing on showcasing the best in undergraduate research and the creative and performing arts. Student participants are able to showcase research of their choice and their creative works.

The UW-Parkside team checked into a hotel about 20 minutes from the University of Memphis on Thursday about 2 a.m. Later that day, with little rest, they were up and ready to present their research.

UW-Parkside students represented research from human resources, business, and biology. Students were allowed to choose between 15-minute oral presentations, with a five-minute limited Q&A, or they could present using a poster board presentation. The team vowed to support each other's presentations.

In addition to presenting their research, students were also able to pick and choose to attend informational seminars and professional speakers of their choice.

The fun didn't stop there — during their short trip, the students enjoyed dinner at the Hard Rock Café, the infamous BBQ restaurant, Rendezvous, and explore the downtown life of Memphis. They were also able to network and make connections with other students from around the country. 

NCUR 2017: Attending Students & Faculty, April 5 – 8, 2017

Students Presenting:

Nicholas V. Bielski, Biological Sciences: Sublethal effects of simulated climate change on lentic aquatic invertebrate assemblages.

Daniela Y. Castellanos, Biological Sciences: Molecular genetic analysis of 5'-3' exoribonuclease (Xrn) mutants in the model green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Anthony Domanico, Business: Increasing international enrollment at UW-Parkside

Liv M. Gripko, Biological Sciences: Trematode parasite prevalence and potential manipulation of Physa acuta snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) at a restored coastal wetland (Samuel Myers Park, Racine, WI, USA)

Nicholas Malcolm, Biological Sciences: Optimization of an Assay for Ribonucleotide Reductase Activity

Amanda Marks, Psychology: Echolocation Ability and Auditory Memory

Margaret McMullin, Psychology: An Examination of Auditory Gist Perception

Samantha M. Noll, Psychology: Hemispheric differences in change deafness.

Nicholas Potter, Geosciences: Spring study and hydrologic, geochemical characteristics of the Albion Basin, Alta, Utah

Danielle E. Tesar, Biological Sciences: Environmental variability regulates riverine dragonfly (Odonata) emergence from Wisconsin rivers

Attending Faculty:

Dr. David Higgs, Associate Professor Biological Sciences

Dr. Jessica Orlofske, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences



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