Pierre Torrence Begins Career at Northwestern Mutual

Published: May 9, 2018
By: Derek Fye
Pierre TorrenceIf you ask Pierre Torrence what he thinks is the importance of following one's dreams and never giving up he will tell you from experience that numbers are not everything and that perseverance goes a long way in the pursuit of one's goals. “Coming up into college in 2012, I had to build confidence to say, 'Yes, I belong here!' I came out of high school with a 2.3 GPA and a 14 ACT score. But I’m here to say don’t let numbers fool you into not living your dream," Torrence says. He believes that hard work and determination can serve a person very well.

One of the biggest concerns a college graduate faces is beginning a career after graduation. For UW-Parkside graduate Torrence, that concern has already been laid to rest as a result of his hard work, dedication, and ability to capitalize on opportunities.

Torrence is originally from Milwaukee and graduated from Bradley Tech High School. He earned a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from UW-Parkside and is beginning his career as an associate software engineer at Northwestern Mutual. Part of the reason Torrence was hired immediately after graduation was because of his performance during an internship with the company. Torrence claims that getting this opportunity is evidence of the good things that can happen when a person does not give up, even if the odds may be against them. "Anything is possible as long as you have a blue print to your dream," Torrence explains.

Torrence’s accomplishments during his academic career at UW-Parkside, in addition to starting his new career at Northwestern Mutual, include being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and participating in multiple leadership and involvement roles.

Torrence is also grateful to UW-Parkside for giving him the tools and opportunities he needed to succeed." UW-Parkside granted me with amazing opportunities to better my resume, my leadership skills, and foundational knowledge in the career that I am in now," he explains.

It is also important, Torrence says, to make the most of any situation, and never stop learning and growing. "Take advantage of any leadership opportunities. I was able to travel, meet great people, and develop key skills along with having obtained a foundational education as my core objective," he says.

Some of the most important characteristics for a person to have are resiliency and perseverance. Torrence asserts that through the relentless pursuit of aspirations they can succeed and share their successes and journey with those around them. "No matter where we come from, the different experiences we have, our dreams and goals are what unifies us as one," Torrence says. "And UW-Parkside definitely sets that image.”

Torrence's advice to other students in similar circumstance to his own would be to, "never stop learning, always ask questions, and go above and beyond when completing assignments."

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