Preppin' for the Primaries '16

Published: April 1, 2016
Monday, April 4, 6:30-8 p.m
Racine Public Library
Free Admission
Informational flyer

With the two-party, majority-rule system of American democracy, the primaries can be very predictable, thus creating an even more predictable Republican or Democratic national convention. This has not been the case in primaries for the 2016 presidential election and the surprising twists and turns are expected to continue.

Monday, April 4, the Racine Public Library hosts a panel of three University of Wisconsin-Parkside faculty conducting an informational presentation on the primaries, the candidates, and the issues – and then leading an open discussion. The goal is to make area voters more familiar with the potential presidential candidates, and to provide a better understanding of the ins and outs of the American electoral system.

The panel consists of UW-Parkside Assistant Professor of Sociology/Anthropology Jennifer Correa, Ph.D. sociology; Associate Lecturer of Politics, Philosophy and Law Craig Frizzell, Ph.D. political science; and Assistant Professor of Politics, Philosophy and Law Christopher Hudspeth, Ph.D. ethics.

Contact: Nancy Retana

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