UW-Parkside’s Ranger Studios to Host Live National News Interviews Regarding Presidential Debate

Published: June 27, 2024

Terry SzuplatKENOSHA, WI – The University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s state-of-the-art Ranger Studios will be the epicenter of live media coverage in reaction to the Presidential Debate on Thursday, June 27. Renowned Presidential speechwriter and communication expert Terry Szuplat will conduct interviews on campus with major news outlets, including ABC News Live, BBC News, and CBC News from Canada.

These interviews will occur in conjunction with the Braver Angels Convention, which is taking place June 27-29 at Carthage College in Kenosha. This event will bring together nearly 800 individuals from across the political spectrum and is designed to help bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democracy. Convention participants will engage in one of the largest debate watch "parties" in the country, bringing together liberals, conservatives, and independents.

Terry Szuplat"We are thrilled to support the Braver Angels Convention and to play a pivotal role in bringing its important discussions to a broader audience," said Lesley Heins Walker, Ph.D., dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at UW-Parkside. "Ranger Studios will be the hub for live interviews, reinforcing UW-Parkside’s dedication to community engagement and respectful political discourse."

As one of President Barack Obama’s longest-serving speechwriters, Szuplat helped craft nearly 500 speeches. As a special assistant to the President and senior director of speechwriting at the National Security Council, he joined President Obama on visits to more than 40 countries. He is the author of Say It Well: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Mind, Inspire Any Audience, set to be released in September 2024. He teaches political speechwriting as an adjunct professor at American University’s School of Public Affairs.

Other topics of discussion at the convention will include the role of faith communities in navigating the upcoming election, the impact of the class divide versus the partisan divide, and the integrity of our election systems. Participants will engage in meaningful debates on these and other pressing issues, with the goal of finding common ground and promoting action ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Kenosha’s strategic location between the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee underscores the importance of this gathering. At a time when many Americans feel disillusioned with politics, the Braver Angels Convention is geared to provide a platform for constructive dialogue.

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