Real Science is Real Amazing

Published: November 13, 2014
By: Spencer Gray

When Dr. Bryan Lewis came to Parkside it was his mission to build this university's pre-med program. The union between the solid faculty, the dedicated students, and Dr. Lewis's philosophy of believing a student can do anything they truly set their minds to, has made this program. Students here will tell you that you are not just a number. Class sizes are small, meaning all students can get the needed one on one time with their professors. Not only are the class sizes small but also our university has something rare for undergraduate programs -- these students have the opportunity to work with real cadavers and human brains. Students can look at pictures and models, but to see it in person at an undergrad level is rare. It helps to break the students in, and prepare them for what they will most likely be facing in their careers. The cadavers are used for anatomy purposes, labeling, dissections, and pathology. So in class, they are not just learning to label all bones, muscles, and organs, but how each system works. Classes will look at brains, and their pathology. Seeing the difference between an aged brain to what appears to be a healthy one, or dissecting the two hemispheres and seeing the network of nerve fibers that connects them.

Students here consider themselves lucky, so does Dr. Lewis, "The students are what make this program. They are dedicated and willing to put the work in for their future." Students, faculty, and our opportunities here at Parkside make this university real amazing.


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