Phi and Pi, The Wonders of Numbers

Published: March 6, 2017
March Science Night: "Phi and Pi, The Wonders of Numbers"
Dr. Paul Mohazzabi and Dr. Bryan Lewis
Wednesday, March 8, 7-8:00 p.m.; Greenquist Hall 103
No Charge for Admission

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside College of Natural and Health Sciences invites and encourages all community members to attend the March Science Night, "Phi and Pi, The Wonders of Numbers" with Dr. Paul Mohazzabi and Dr. Bryan Lewis.

There are many interesting mathematical phenomena in everyday life that are often hidden in plain sight. One such phenomenon is the naturally recurring number known as the Golden Ratio or "phi." Another one is the well-known number "pi." In this presentation, UW-Parkside faculty members Dr. Mahazzbi and Dr. Lewis examine numbers in detail, and reveal some of the interesting properties and roles that they play in shaping the world around us.

Science Night takes place Wednesday, March 8, from 7-8 p.m. in Greenquist Hall 103. The presentation is free and open to audiences of all ages. Free parking is available in Lots A, B and C for the night of the event.

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