Simon Akindes

Published: August 30, 2017

Stella C. Gray Teaching Excellence Award


Simon AkindesProfessor Akindes came to UW-Parkside in 1998 from Cleveland State University and Ohio University where he taught and worked. Simon says that UW-Parkside has been a friendly environment where the provost and the chancellor are accessible, where his wife Fay has had a career, and where his kids now study. It’s been a big part of his life.

For him, teaching is a quintessential political and emancipatory act. He cultivates a pedagogy of questions rather than one of ready-made answers and solutions. 

Professor Akindes loves sports, music, photography, reading and writing as ways of knowing and being in the world. He created a non-profit organization, Tous au Sport, (Tooss O Spor) here in the USA, Fondation Monique Agboton-Akindes (MAAK) — a foundation for girls’ education in Benin (beh NEEN), and he participates in various initiatives and institutes across Africa.

Congratulations, Simon Akindes

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