Honors for Student Leaders

Honors for Student Leaders

Published: April 27, 2015

Leadership Award Recipients 2015

Advisor of the Year
Recognizes a campus advisor who exemplifies the university's mission, acts as a positive change agent, fosters high ideals, and provides sustained support to a student organization or organizations. This person serves as an educator and role model for undergraduate students at UW-Parkside. 
John Witte 

Distinguished Student Leader
Recognizes students with distinguished service or achievement that benefits their student organization, UW-Parkside as a whole, or the community at large. Such distinguished service should be a pattern of exemplary service over the students' years at UW-Parkside and rise "above and beyond the call of duty." 
Jenna Nimmer
Mai Yer Yang
Justin Armstrong
Imani Hill
Hillary Vara

Emerging Student Leader
Recognize student leaders who are new to campus leadership and contribute to campus through involvement in a student organization or service to UW-Parkside or the community. This award recognizes current initiative and contributions, as well as future potential. 
Karen McCarter
Armando Torres
Emily Gray
Alisa Quimby
Lindsay Brandes
Kevin Rydzik
Kevin Pettit-Scantling
Stephanie Nunez
Bryan Krajnak
Myah Pazdera
Ivan Garces
Rose Sagel
Suraya Walker
Daniel Novak
Aslyn Wolcott
Yingya Yang
Miguel Angel Lopez Varela
Sean Jones
Bee Xiong
Kelly Michalski
Rob Collier
Alaina Perez-Kucza
Rayan Naji 
Keezanna Vann-Knox
Nick Terrell
Jessica Erstadt
Katie Pitterle

Unsung Hero
Recognizes students who have positively influenced a program or organization from behind the scenes with a supportive attitude toward goals, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, an unwavering dedication, and a commitment to excellence. 
Alysha Krizan - CRU 
Katie Pitterle - RHA
Zeenet Mian - MSO, PIC

Excellence in Community Service
Recognizes the student organization or individual best demonstrating a high commitment to community service and outreach. This award is based on the level and type of community involvement, the estimated number of hours volunteered, and resources donated. 
Habitat for Humanity
Alisa Quimby

Organization of the Year
Recognizes a student organization that contributes in an exemplary manner to UW-Parkside through campus events and programs, and provides members with a platform to network, learn, engage, and/or have fun. 
Parkside Asian Organization 

Excellence in Programming 
Recognizes a student organization or group for its exceptional creativity, planning, and execution of a university program that appeals to a broad cross-section from the university. 
Scare Away Breast Cancer - Timothy Krueger 
Haunted Tunnels - Parkside Activities Board and Parkside Oddities 

Innovative Program of the Year
Recognizes an exceptional program or series of programs, cultural events, or activities that is original in theme, timely and appropriate, and has a wide and significant impact on the UW-Parkside community. 
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Event- Chemistry Club
Ice Skating - Parkside Activities Board and Ranger Wellness Committee

Outstanding Cumulative GPA by Organization Member
Recognizes the highest cumulative grade point average (at least 3.5 or better) achieved by an organization member. 
Annalee Sepanski - Parkside Student Government 

Student Organization on the Rise 
Residence Hall Association 
Active Minds 

Outstanding Achievement 
WIPZ Ranger Radio 
Sarah White 
Tia Barr 
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