Touching Base with Grace

Touching Base with Grace is an IGTV-series hosted by Senior, Business Management and Communication major, Grace Scalzo. As a student-athlete on our UW-Parkside Women’s Basketball team, Grace expressed her interest in broadcasting, shifted her focus to the media side of athletics, and Touching Base with Grace was born. Now the episodes below live on both the Ranger Athletics Instagram and the UW-Parkside Instagram acccount with one common goal. To entertain, inspire, and inform our Parkside family through an interactive interview process; in hopes that our community members can both understand and get to know each other better. 

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As a campus ambassador, intramural basketball all-star, and admission's office intern, Harpreet made the most of his time pursing his degree at UW-Parkside. In the Spring he will start his Master's in hopes of becoming a Marketing Manager for a large company. In this episode we get to hear about his future plans and why he chose to stay at UW-Parkside. We wish Harp nothing but the best as he continues to contribute to the success of UW-Parkside along with all of our alums. 

Harps Episode

Tess is a non-traditional second year student and student-employee here on-campus. Like the rest of our student body, Tess is prepping for finals. She shares some resources that can help relieve stress at this time. As a Peer Health Educator, Tess is able to speak to the benefits one can reap from taking advantage of assests such as the Student Health and Counseling Center. She also provides background on her experience working for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and UW-Parkside Library. 

Tess' Episode

This episode needs no introduction. President Thompson took the time during his tour to catch up with Grace. Tune in to see what he has to say about his time on campus and the future of UW-Parkside.

Tommy Thompson's Episode

Happy National Transfer Student Week! 

Joe Trujillo is an extremely active member of our University of Wisconsin-Parkside family. This week we want to celebrate Joe and all of our other amazing transfer students. As an orientation leader, MOSAIC Educator, and commuter, Joe really makes the most of his time on-campus. In this episode we dive deeper into how his transition went, what his goals are, and what advice he has for transfers!

Joe's Episode

Gia is a proud Latina and leader both on and off campus who talks with us about Hispanic Heritage Month. As a full time employee, Gia still finds time to advocate for students. She is involved in just about everything. After providing some advice, she informs us students are welcome to find her in MOLN360 for additional guidance. For her willingness to go above and beyond daily, Gia was recently awarded the UW System 2021 Woman of Color award. Watch to learn more on this award and Gia. For students especially, it is beneficial to engage with this very inspirational episode.

Gia TBWG Episode

Sanyam is from Dehli India and is working towards his Master's Degree in Finance. As one of our many international Rangers, Sanyam shares with us a few of the differences between UW-Parkside and his hometown. He also informs us of a few of his goals and passions. Overall, this episode shows the fascinating range of students that make up our Ranger family. We look forward to watching Sanyam reach his goals at UW-Parkside and beyond.

Sanyam Garg TBWG

Hans and Elise are two of our theatre students. They just returned from a trip to New York in which they studied alongside Broadway professionals. They fill us in on what a typical day of a student in our theatre program looks like. Also, where we can find them to stay up to date with their progress as they continue to chase their dreams! All in all the theme they seem to stand behind is taking risks and continuing to try again.

Hans and Elise's Episode


OMSA IS COMING TO D180! With the reconstruction drawing to a close, OMSA's open door policy will remain at their new location in the D level of Wyllie. 
Watch this episode to hear Amanda tell us about our Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Always Reaching Up Program, and MOSAIC Workshops. This year is going to be full of excitement as we return to campus! There will be many events you won't want to miss! Follow @omsauwp @aruuwp for more.

Amanda's Episode

Tonight’s episode featured two knowledgeable members of our UW-Parkside family, Meghan and Emma! We dove into their personal experiences from when they got vaccinated. We also got to know them a little bit better. Someone who watches this epsiode can expect to learn about the different vaccine options and possible side effects. Be sure to check out their podcast that is all about vaccines and had it's debut in UW-Parkside's very own Health Communications class - Vaccine Alert .

Meghan and Emma's Episode 

Sabrina our Alumni Association president and Terra a board member tell us about their time at UW-Parkside, as well as why alums should be active in our community. With the annual meeting being the day after this episode, it was the perfect time to get to know our board and all that they do for our University.

You can get involved by heading to our alumni pages - found on all social media platforms! Every Alum is a member but not all are active members of our Alumni Assiciation. Let's change that, Ranger Nation!

Sabrina and Terra's Episode

Tatjana is not only a wonderful leader in our community, but she is also a first-generation UW-Parkside Grad from the class of ‘00. In this episode, Grace picks Tatjana’s brain as to what students can be doing to better position themselves to employers and how the Building our Future organization works.  

Tatjana's Episode

As president of both the Intervarsity Fellowship and the Red Cross club, Miah had a lot to share. Grace covers everything from Miah’s background to her future plans. This episode is relatable, informative, and fun! Most importantly, it is a call to all students to get involved. 

Miah's Episode

Grace dives into the world of our Vice Chancellor. Willie gives great background and even better advice. From what his position does, to what level he wants to take our university to, you can hear it all on this episode! 

Vice Chac. Episode

Sydney is a Junior, softball player at the University of Minnesota, who has been taking summer classes at UW-Parkside. This is a key component of how she is able to stay on track. In this episode, Grace talks future plans, local spots, and how UW-Parkside is helping students around the world like Sydney reach their goals.  

Sydney's Episode

It’s not every day that you get to touch base with someone competing to be the Miss of your state! As Miss Racine 2020-2021 (due to extension with COVID) Sophia filled us in on what the day-to-day is like when you’re a full-time nursing student and strong community presence. The Miss Wisconsin Pageant is the largest scholarship opportunity for girls in the state and Sophie has our vote! 

Sophie's Episode

As these two students of HKSM-430 sit down with Grace, they uncover all the opportunities the Ranger Games have to offer. The HKSM-430 course is based on both community outreach and growing mental and physical health. From desk exercise videos to meditation practices students like Emma and Ashley came together to get us through these unusual times. Find all Ranger Game video’s at by typing in “wellness”.  

Emma and Ashley's Episode

As the countdown to Parkside Day continues, Ali and Esme came on to discuss one of the many ways you can give the gift of giving. By donating to the Latinos Unidos Scholarship, you are offering someone the chance to receive higher education. As the originator of the scholarship, we hear from Ali, an Andrew Goodman Fellow and the President of LU, first. Shortly after, Esme joins Grace to fully express the change this scholarship is here to make. 

Ali and Esme's Episode

With a passion for bettering out community, Troy and Grace discuss how you can do your part and assist in the clean-ups happening on April 15, Parkside Day. A week out from the big day you can see the excitement in all aspects of this episode. So, we hope you will get in on all the fun next Thursday too, Rangers!  

Troy's Episode

As an advancement intern, Brendan came on and stole the show. In this brief episode, he broke down all things Parkside Day! From what it means to be involved to, how you can get involved, Grace and Brendan covered it all. We hope you are ready for April 15, 2021!  

Brendan Collins Episode

This episode was all about the direction Parkside is going. Touching on a wide range of topics such as being a female leader, Ranger Vision 2020, incoming freshman, our graduating class, alumni, COVID-19 and more, Chancellor Ford reminds us how lucky we are to be demonstrating Ranger pride. She even flips the script on Grace, asking her a few questions! To make this episode more accessible to all demographics, we streamed it and saved it on our Facebook page.  

Chancellor Ford's Episode

As February winds down, we spent this episode learning what it means to be an OMSA Peer Advisor, BSU social media coordinator, orientation leader, and amazing student. Being that Jada is all of these, it was easy for her to educate us on what these organizations stand for. She reminded us that clubs like BSU, and our admissions team are always open to new faces and ideas!

Jada's Episode

In this episode we continued the celebration of Black History Month. As president of BSU, an active member of OMSA, and someone heavily involved in Student Government, Crystal had so much knowledge to share. She mentioned that she is still learning what Black History Month means to her, as we are evolving and growing as a community. Crystal gave tips on how to get involved and gave some honest recommendations for podcasts, books, and shows!  

Crystal's Episode

Molinna is the Chair of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion council and she is involved with multiple organizations, serving also as a peer health educator. In this episode Grace chats with Molinna about the importance of EDI. They start a conversation we’ll need to continue, diving into how we can all make our campus more inclusive and progressive.  

Molinna's Episode


Touching Base with Grace | Parkside Athletics

Below is where you can find all episodes housed on the Ranger Athletics accounts. These episodes pertain to our student-athletes backgrounds and their role in our community. You can expect the same as the above. These episodes dive into topics such as Black History, LGBTQIA+, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and the addition of preseason and postseason goals, as well as team culture. 


Andrew Gavin comes on and explains a day in the life of a nationally recognized Athletic Director. Not only that, we get to reflect on how far Parkside Athletics has come in Mr. Gavin's 5 year career here, at UW-Parkside....We even have a surprise guest appearance (the shows youngest guest yet)!


These last few epsiodes of Touching Base with Grace have meant the world to me. I would not have been able to do have TBWG without Mr. Gavin's belief in me. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. 

Andrew Gavin

This episode features none other than one of the brains behind the creation of Touching Base with Grace. Robyn Elliot, a former semi-pro soccer star, Ranger alum, and current admin of our Athletic Department, comes on and tells us about her journey to this point. As a woman leader in sports, she provides great advice to our student-athletes! Listen in for an update on the world of athletics here at UW-Parkside, and to learn a little more about Robyn.

robyn tbwg

Ramon is no stranger to TBWG, he came and stole the show per usual. Spreading the love to his teammates as a true leader and catching us up on the latest Track and Field trip to California. If you'd like to learn more about a student-athlete that demonstrates all that it means to be a Ranger, this episode is for you!

Ramon Episode

Tonight's guest is much more than a four-square champion.

Chase Fisk is a senior golfer studying Sports Management. He credits his internship with our Sports Communication and Marketing Team for his ultimate goal of working in sports. Chase recognizes the donations made to the UW-Parkside indoor Golf facility, stating that it was one of the reasons he came to UW-Parkside. Considering this, he appreciates all the support being provided in light of Parkside Day.

On this National Student Athlete Day, Ranger Athletics and UW-Parkside are proud to have athletes like Chase.

chase fisk tbwg

This Spring Break Edition Episode features senior, Business Management Major, Bryce Inman. Bryce, originally from California, is an experienced catcher for our Baseball Program.

Watch to learn more about Bryce, as well as all the fun opportunities our Ranger Nation has on Parkside Day! You can donate specifically on behalf of the Bryce and the Baseball team. Catch the team in action this weekend for our Jockey Series against Wayne State. 

Bryce Inman

This episode features our Kenosha Dot Com Ranger of the Week, Kylie! As a senior, kinesiology major, and team leader, Kylie is enjoying her new transition to opening games as pitcher instead of closing them. Prior to the start of this episode, Kiley attended the first ever Parkside Athletics Career Networking event. Listen in to learn more about Kylie and the event, as well as how you can cheer on our Women's softball team this weekend!

Kiley Akey

Prior to the start of the 2021-2022 wrestling season, Grace caught up with head coach Nick Becker. Nick shared his goals for the season, as well as his excitment to coach in the newly renovated DeSimone Gymnasium (soon to be DeSimone Arena)! As a 3-time NCAA Division II National Champion (2016, 2017, 2018), Nick is no stranger to the mat. He is ready to showcase the work he and his team have been putting in. Coach Becker joined elite company in May 2021 when he became the fourth head coach in program history! The Rangers will kick off their season this Saturday, December 4 at the 50th Annual Jim Koch Open. 

Nick Becker Episode


The Men's Soccer Team has made it to yet another GLIAC Semifinal. To celebrate, senior Max Ludwig fills us in on how Men's Soccer has been doing this season and what it's like to be a leader on his team / on campus. We hope to see tons of Rangers in attendance for the pre-game RSAAC Tailgate and the kick off at Pritchard Field, of course. Support your fellow Rangers and show your Ranger Pride!

Max's Episode


As an international student-athlete, Alex Durand is a pretty cool addition to our UW-Parkside family. Hailing all the way from Paris, France Alex shares some very intruiging takes on our culture. As 2x Defensive Player of the Week in the GLIAC and a Kenosha Dot Com Ranger of the Week recipient, Alex's episode is a must see. 

Alex Durand's Episode

Wow what an episode. When the live began Uriah and Walker brought on two surprise guests, Johnathan and Ramon. The topics covered varied from personal and team goals to chocolate pancakes. These guys surely did not disappoint. It's safe to say that they will run #ForwardTogether and #MakeGreenChoices. If you're interested in learning a bit more about our student-athletes and what they are like off the course, this episode is for you! 

Uriah and Walker's TWBG Episode

Sean is a great athlete and an even better athletic trainer. Qualifying for the IronMan World Championship after completing his very first IronMan is just one of his accomplishements. This episode dives into his background, preparation, and balance. Watch for a lot of great tips and insight. 

Sean's Episode

We're back and we're better! This was Grace's second go around with this crew. New episode, same goal. The dynamic duo consisting of 3rd year head coach Nick Maas and Graduate Assistant Jack Diamond hit the cross country course for 24 hours straight. They did this in effort to raise money for the Future Focus Fund. 

Nick and Jack's Episode 2

Touching Base with Grace featuring the Athletics Graduate Assistant for Marketing - Adrien Hall | June 10, 2021

AK (Adrien) is a huge part of Touching Base with Grace! She helps find the guests that come on and formulates questions. AK experienced a role reversal when Grace grilled her with questions about her time as a UW-Parkside Women's Softball student-athlete. This episode also covered the transition to Graduate Assistant and future plans.

AK's Episode

Garrett came on to discuss what his first year as a student-athlete was like. He walked us through what workouts, courses, and skills helped him achieve Newcomer of the year in the GLIAC conference. 

Garrett's Episode

In this episode Ramon explains his role in RSAAC and what it's like being a leader on the Men's Track and Field team. We can refer to Deputy Athletic Director - Chris Barker's episode when we say Ramon has the juice. 

Ramon's Episode

This April fools episode only had a few jokes. Job comes on and gets right to it, answering probably the most questions we have had for a viewer. He talks about the team as a whole, as well as his individual goals. Job's favorite part of UW-Parkside Wrestling is seeing all the legends on the wall while practicing and getting motivated, knowing he's in the right place.

Job's Episode 

In this Episode we get to hear all about the Women's Soccer team. Kendal and Myah had some great insight and memories to share. After hearing their goals for their seaosn we know it'll be a blast and wish them the best of luck.

Kendal and Myah's Episode

Some know Hayley as the G.O.A.T. or Greatest of all Time, this episode breaks down how she got that nickname. As a Senior Woman Administrator and member of the Gender Equity Task Force, Hayley does so much in our Athletic Department here at UW-Parkside. As a mom, during women's history month, we figured this March episode was the perfect time to honor her. Watch for some great advice.

Hayley's Episode

In this episode Ramar, a senior and team leader fills us in on his time at UW-Parkside so far. We also get a sneak peak into the shoe collection, as well as an update that Ramar has decided to use his extra year of eligibility to further his education! 

Ramar's Episode

In this unique episode, we hear from Grace, Dejane’ James - GA of Women’s Basketball, Jazmine Neal - GLIAC EDI Rep and Women’s Volleyball athlete, Ramar Evans - Men’s Basketball athlete, Turea Moore - GA of Events and Operations, Alexis Vaughn - Women’s Basketball athlete, and George Brandon Jr. - GA of Men’s Basketball about Black History month and what it means to them. You can still head over to the comment section and let us know what Black History Month means to you.  

Black History Month Episode

Although it was the first episode of 2021, not much has changed. Brendan and Reece came on to discuss the differences COVID has made and their goals nonetheless. It's not everyday you get the chance to watch two smart student-athletes walk you through a day in the life. 

Brendan and Reece's Episode

If you ever wondered what it's like living with a team and building a culture at a university on and off the court, then you need to watch this episode. Vins and Tray contribute to a program that has done just that. From how close they are to how they motivate each other, we get to hear it all. These two guards talk about goals and the family dynamic on our Men's basketball team.

Vinson and Tray's Episode


In this episode, Grace chats with these two student-athletes about RangerVision 2020 and what our sponsors donations mean for them. These personalities do a great job of magnifying just how far these advancements will take our university in the years to come. 

Ramon and Brendan's Episode 

On campus you may know Cassidy as a student-athlete or you may know her for winning an all expenses paid trip to Disney! This was a result of Cassidy's hard work in her Marketing classes and the time she dedicates to her studies outside the classroom / off the field. This episode gives a chance to get to know Cassidy a little better!

Cassidy's Episode

With a non-traditional college experience, Ben is back at UW-Parkside and thriving. From how he spent his time in service to what his plans are post grad, Ben had a lot to touch base on. He is a great addition to our Wrestling team. 

Ben's Episode

In this episode Grace gets to know the life of the twins. From their entreprenuerial mindset to their goals for their golf season, these two are great examples of what it means to be a Ranger. 

Sanicki Twins Episode


As a natural leader Brandon came on and stole the show. This episode covers involvement, scholarhsip opportunity, sports, and adjusting to college life. 

Brandon's Episode

Who has the Juice? A famous line of our Deputy AD, this means who brought the energy to UW-Parkside today? From encouraging our students to leading our university in the right direction, you'll want to watch this episode and get to know Chris Barker.

Chris Barker's Episode

Bo is an amazing asset to our UW-Parkside family. This Belgium native tells us her story and also informs us of her plans to compete on behalf of Belgium in one of the biggest meets ever. Good luck Bo!

Bo's Episode

As both a front-line worker and student-athlete, Izzy has a lot going on! This episode covers future plans, current work load, and everything in between!

Izzy's Episode

Ashley has a passion for sports and helping others. This episode touches on why that is! We get to hear all about Ashley's background and how we got so lucky to have her end up here, at UW-Parkside! 

Ashley's Episode

As a nursing student and dedicated athlete, Hannah gives us some perspective into the life of a UW-Parkside Women's Basketball student-athlete. Watch for a recap of her year and goals for next season.

Hannah's Episode

The culture these two have created runs deep, literally. From how their recent run went, to discussing what we can expect from the upcoming season Jack and Nick break down UW-Parkside Track and Field for us!

Nick and Jack's Episode

In this very first episode of TBWG, Grace explains the show and quickly gets into celebrating her first ever guests. As some of Parkside most accomplished athletes - NCAA Women of the Year Nominees - these two ladies have a lot to share!

Ann and Fin's Episode

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