UW System waives electronic application fee at UW Parkside, 9 other System universities

Published: December 11, 2020

SOMERS, Wis.— The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents today approved waiving electronic application fees at 10 of its 13 universities, including UW-Parkside, for approximately the next two years.

“This opportunity will allow students to apply to UW-Parkside regardless of their financial situation,” said Assistant Director of Admissions Dalana Platz. “The UW System and UW-Parkside strive to make higher education accessible and will continue to provide students with affordable avenues to a quality education.”

The no-cost EApp will save students $25 per application, providing them economic relief amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is also estimated that the fee waiver will lead to increased applications at UW System universities. The new policy would take effect immediately.

The Board of Regents vote comes after numerous universities waived fees this fall and recognized an increase in the number of applications. Initial data suggests that fee waiver campaigns have led to an increase in the number of students applying to a UW System university and the overall number of applications submitted:

New freshman applicants so far for fall 2021 have risen to 60,670 from 54,592 at this point last year.

Applications are at 91,415 now versus 69,217 last year at this time.

For fall 2020, 9,486 students applied to two or more UW universities; this year 13,662 students have applied to two or more universities.

For the full release from the UW System please visit: https://www.wisconsin.edu/news/archive/uw-system-waives-electronic-application-fee-at-10-universities/


Media Contact:

Andrew Savagian

Interim Communications Director



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