UW-Parkside Voter ID Card

Published: October 8, 2018

Students who need a voter ID card can present their UW-Parkside Ranger Card at the Concierge Desk in the Student Center and receive one for free. Printing the credential takes less than two minutes. Additional information can be obtained at https://www.wisconsin.edu/voting/documents/ 

The special voter identification cards are a standalone credential independent of the UW-Parkside student ID Ranger Card. The Ranger Card is not compliant with Wisconsin state law that requires a photo ID to vote, so the university has distributed the free voter IDs since 2012 and students have been able to get the voter ID cards directly from the Campus Concierge office located on the main floor of the Student Center.

Any UW-Parkside student carrying a Wisconsin driver’s license does not need the separate voter ID, and students who are not residents can still cast absentee votes in their home states.

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