Women in Science

Published: January 9, 2019

University of Wisconsin-Parkside is fortunate to have many gifted students, and as part of our Women in Science feature, we want to highlight four brilliant STEM scholars and their contributions to their respective fields! Psychology and computer science double major Salina Servantez, molecular biology and bioinformatics major Bianca Ruffalo, physics major Chloe Calderon, and biology sciences major Cassie Van Hoof presented to the Board of Regents at their October meeting held at UW-Parkside.

UW-Parkside is committed to providing the best possible educational experience and offering a multitude of opportunities to advance in the sciences. These four women are some of our best and brightest.

Here are their stories:

Chloe Calderon- physics major- Introduction by UW-Parkside professor of physics Paul Mohazzabi.

Chloe Calderon

Bianca Ruffalo- molecular biology and bioinformatics major- Introduction by UW-Parkside professor of biology Traci Lee.

Bianca Ruffalo

Salina Servantez- physcology and computer science double major- Introduction by UW-Parkside professor of psychology Sylvia Beyer.

Salina Servantez

Cassie Van Hoof- pre-veterinary- Introduction by UW-Parkside professor of chemistry Daryl Sauer. 

Cassie Van Hoof

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