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Audio Visual Services


Classroom / Lab technicians are available during our open hours.
If immediate assistance is needed and you are unable to reach AV staff, please call the Help Desk @ 595-2444.

When calling for assistance, the following information should be provided: 

  • Classroom location
  • Description of problem
  • If class is in session
  • Your name and department/contact information

To report classroom audio visual problems outside of class, please contact A/V services by calling 595-2444 during regular office hours or send us an email at audiovis.tech@uwp.edu.

Please remember to report audio visual issues as soon as possible.

Wyllie L107
Audio Visual Services

Equipment Reservation

Audio Visual equipment is available to UW-Parkside faculty, staff, and students.
Please be sure to have your ranger card available for check out.

Adapters 24 hours 48 hours
Cords and Cables 24 hours 48 hours
Video Camera
- Jay Mcroy
72 hours 1 week
     - Lisa Barber
72 hours 1 week
Video Camera Microphones
     - Lisa Barber
72 hours 1 week
Tripods 72 hours 1 week
Audio Recorders 24 hours 72 hours
Wacom Tablets 1 Week 1 week
SD Cards 1 Week 1 week+
SD Card Readers 24 hours 48 hours
Headphones 72 hours 1 week
USB Microphones 48 hours 1 week
Batteries 24 hours 24 hours  
Carts 2 hours 2 hours  
USB Dvd Drives 2 hours 2 hours  
USB Mice 24 hours 48 hours  
Power Strips 1 week 1 week  
Extension Cords 1 Week 1 week  
Clickers 24 hours 48 hours  
Dell Laptops 2 hours 24 hours 2 hours
Macbooks 2 hours Same Day 2 hours
Projector * Same Day *
Display Carts 12 Hours 24 hours 24 hours

Equipment Reservation Policy

Reserved equipment must be used for UW Parkside related projects or events only. Reservations for personal use are not allowed. Items reserved for classroom instruction will be given highest priority.

Faculty / Staff
Reservation extension requests must be approved by corresponding Director or Department Chair. Authorized extensions may not exceed the maximum of one week. Late Fee: A late fee will be charged back to the responsible department for each day that an item is overdue. After three days, the fee will double. 

Damage or Loss
Users and/or authorizing departments are responsible for replacing any damaged or lost CTS A/V equipment. 

CTS Audio Visual Services adheres to U.S. © copyright law and requires written permission to reproduce copyrighted material. Click on the link below for more information on United States Copyright Law: United States Copyright Law

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