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University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Alcohol Use Policy
Policy #4


4.01 Background

UW-Parkside neither solicits nor promotes the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on its campus. The following policy has been established to ensure that the service of alcoholic beverages at the university is in compliance with all state and federal laws. This policy also reflects the university's philosophy that the service of alcoholic beverages must promote and encourage the responsible use of alcohol.

Under the University of Wisconsin System guidelines, the Office of the Chancellor has designated the responsibility for approval to dispense or sell alcoholic beverages on campus to the Parkside Student Center in consultation with the Dean of Students office. Faculty, staff, and students are not licensed to sell or otherwise dispense alcoholic beverages on campus except for personal use as covered under UWS 18.09 (1a) which reads:

The use or possession of alcohol beverages is prohibited on all university premises, except in faculty and staff housing and as permitted by the chief administrative officer, subject to statutory age restrictions. The chief administrative officer may generally permit the use or possession of alcohol beverages by promulgating institutional regulations in consultation with appropriate staff and students, or in specific instances by written permission.

4.02 Legal Drinking Age

4.02.01 Alcohol beverages will be served only at such times and conditions consistent with local, state and federal regulations governing such service.

4.02.02 To be served, a person must be of legal drinking age and able to show identification in the form of a UW-Parkside ID, Wisconsin State ID, Wisconsin State driver license, or by legal age identification as otherwise permitted according to Wisconsin State Law.

4.03 Definitions

4.03.01 Alcoholic beverages are defined as those containing alcohol including beer, wine, spirits, etc.

4.03.02 Internal Group is made up of one or more of the following: administrative or academic units, University recognized student organizations, other recognized organizations (not an administrative or academic unit but is directly related to the mission of the institution).

4.03.03 Sponsored Group – An organization or group that is not recognized by the university but is authorized to use the facilities because of sponsorship by an Internal Group.

4.03.04 External Group – All other groups, businesses or individuals that do not meet the criteria listed above including state, county or local government units or agencies.

4.04 Beverage Service on Campus

4.04.01 Alcoholic beverage service must be provided by University Dining Service.  The University, in conjunction with the University Dining Service contractor, reserves the right to establish protocol to ensure compliance with Wisconsin state statutes and UW 18.09 related to alcohol beverage service.

4.04.02 The Parkside Student Center is the only place on campus where alcoholic beverage service is allowed with continuing authorization. Prior approval must be given to permit service and/or sale of alcoholic beverages at an event held outside the Parkside Student Center. Requests for alcoholic beverage service outside the Parkside Student Center should be forwarded in writing to the Dean of Students office for approval at least 21 business days in advance.  Reservations/Conference and Event Services and Catering and the sponsor of the event will then be notified of the Dean of Students decision.

4.04.03 Regular alcoholic beverage service is available in the Parkside Student Center Den and Cinema.

4.04.04 Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the area in which it was purchased or dispensed or the established controlled service area (e.g., beer garden).

4.04.05 Requests to close beverage service during specific programs may be made to the Dean of Students or designee.

4.04.06 Beverage service is automatically closed during dances or parties unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students or designee. Admission to dances/parties where alcoholic beverages are served will be limited to UW-Parkside students and community guests over the age of 21 years.

4.04.07 Student organizations requesting alcoholic beverage service for an event must receive approval from the Dean of Students or designee.  Alcoholic beverages are not to be used by student organizations as a recruitment tool.

4.04.08 Student organizations are prohibited from having alcoholic beverage service for regular organizational meetings.

4.04.09 Alternative non-alcoholic beverages must be available at events or places on campus where alcoholic beverages are served. Water may not be considered as the only non-alcoholic beverage alternative. The availability of food or snacks when alcoholic beverages are being served is also required.

4.04.10 The Parkside Student Center reserves the right to require University Police at any function or event where alcoholic beverages are served. The sponsoring organization is responsible for costs incurred by hiring University Police.

4.04.11 The co-sponsorship of programs between a University organization and a brewery, alcoholic beverage wholesaler, retailer, distributor, etc. is permitted, but only as defined in the Corporate Sponsorship of Campus Events Policy. The promotion of alcoholic beverages through reduced prices is prohibited on campus. Promotions and/or advertising must focus on the event rather than the availability of alcoholic beverages, company logos, and also must not emphasize such beverages over non-alcoholic beverages being served.

4.04.12 State funds, including segregated fee monies, may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages nor related expenses (e.g., promotion).

4.04.13 The Parkside Student Center reserves the right to refuse or amend any alcoholic beverage request when the request appears incompatible with responsible alcoholic beverage use (e.g., an organization requesting a 1/2 barrel of beer for an event where only ten people will be in attendance).

4.05 Alcohol Vendor Relationships

4.05.01 The University of Wisconsin-Parkside adheres to the alcohol marketing resolution adopted by an inter-association task force representing key professional organizations dealing with university student concerns. The organizations are: The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, The Association of College Unions -International, National Association for Campus Activities, The American College Personnel Association, The Association of College and University Housing Officers International, and The BACCHUS Network.

4.05.02 Violations of the guidelines will be monitored and considered when decisions are made as to what products will be made available on campus.

4.05.03 Vendor promoted uncontrolled sampling as part of a campus marketing program is not permitted. If controlled sampling is approved by UW-Parkside, specifically stated time and quantity limitations must be pre-agreed upon by the vendor and institution (e.g., sampling of ethnic wines as part of a cultural educational program). Principles of good hosting must be observed including the availability of alternative non-alcoholic beverages (water not included), food and a planned program. In no instance should the sole purpose of such an activity be the consumption of alcoholic beverages and likewise, "drinking contests" should never be part of any such activity.

4.05.04 Vendor promotional activities should never tie into or be associated with an existing campus event or activity without the prior knowledge and approval of the appropriate institutional officials. Such events or activities must comply with Corporate Sponsorship of Campus Events policy and Campus Posting and Promotion procedures.

4.05.05 Vendors wishing to promote informational marketing programs must demonstrate that there is a strong educational value to the program and subscribe to the philosophy of responsible and legal use of the products. Such events must be coordinated through Reservations/Conference & Event Services and require a recognized campus sponsor.

4.05.06 Vendors of alcoholic products on the UW-Parkside campus will support campus alcohol awareness programs that encourage responsible decisions about the use or non-use of alcoholic beverages.

A few examples of sponsored events might include but are not to: financial support to a program for Weeks of Welcome, a speaker about alcohol use/abuse, or materials to support a Peer Health Educators or student organization program.

The sponsored program shall be agreed upon by the vendor, sponsoring department and a member of the AOD committee.

4.05.07 Vendors advertising on campus or in institutional media should never portray drinking as a solution to personal or academic problems or as necessary to social, sexual or academic success.

4.05.08 Vendor advertising should never associate alcohol consumption with the performance of tasks that require skilled reactions such as the operation of vehicles or physical activities requiring specific coordination and timing skills.

4.05.09 Vendors must not provide alcoholic beverages as awards, prizes or in any other form including uncontrolled sampling, nor provide free products to individuals or student organizations.

4.05.10 Display or availability of promotional materials should be determined in consultation with Directors of the Parkside Student Center and Student Activities.

4.06 Sponsored and External Group Functions

4.06.01 Sponsored and external groups which sponsor functions in university facilities must be familiar with the alcohol beverage service policy and guidelines. Sponsors must accept responsibility for assisting in proper identification and restricting consumption to authorized areas. They must accept financial responsibility for any theft or vandalism associated with the sponsored event.

4.06.02 Sponsors are expected to maintain responsible standards concerning the use of alcohol beverages at the event. Any use leading to offensive behavior or disorderly conduct will result in the immediate dismissal of service to the individual(s) involved or to the sponsoring group. Further disciplinary action may be taken if necessary.

4.06.03 State and federal laws prohibit the resale of alcohol beverages for profit except by the licensee and tax stamp holder. Therefore, proceeds from the sale of wine, beer, or alcohol cannot be returned to the sponsoring organization by the university under any circumstances.

4.06.04 The length of time of alcohol beverage service shall be determined between the sponsoring organization and the Dean of Student or designee.

4.07 Policy Review

The Alcohol Use Policy shall be reviewed at least every two years. Recommendations for changes will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Cabinet for approval no later than March 1st.


*Revised: Fall 2022

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