Policy 10

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Class Cancellation & Employee Attendance due to Weather Emergencies Policy
Policy #10

During a weather emergency, the University will not be closed. Classes may be canceled but employing departments should instruct their employees to use their judgment in reporting to work. This will be the official UW-Parkside policy during all weather emergencies. The University cannot realistically close down since there are some campus operations which must continue despite the weather such as campus police services, snow removal, power plant operators and food service for residence hall students. Employees who are unable to report to work will be expected to follow regular unanticipated absence call-in procedures.  

SALARIED STAFF: Make up of lost time will remain unchanged for salaried academic staff and non-represented classified staff. Staff should consult with their supervisors and arrange for appropriate make up time or for the use of applicable leave.

HOURLY STAFF: For represented and non-represented hourly classified staff, lost work time can be made up or accounted for as follows:

a) Apply vacation or personal holiday leave credits, if applicable, to cover the absence. Remember, use of sick leave credits is not authorized for inclement weather.

b) In consultation with the supervisor, make up the time at the standard pay rate before the end of the work week.

c) In consultation with the supervisor, an employee may be allowed to make up the missed work time in a subsequent payroll period, but this will typically involve overtime if the employee is full-time. Approval by a supervisor for work in a subsequent payroll period should be approved after consultation with Human Resources staff to ensure compliance and understanding of financial ramifications under the Federal overtime requirements. Make-up time in these instances should be made only when other options have not been available and when operational needs are taken into consideration.

d) Leave without pay.

Decisions affecting morning and afternoon classes are ordinarily made by the Chancellor by 6 a.m.; decisions affecting evening classes (after 4:30 p.m.) are ordinarily made in the early afternoon.

When we do hold classes and/or remain open during adverse weather, we expect staff, students and other users of the University to exercise their own judgment regarding their personal circumstances, i.e., distance from campus, road conditions, health, safety, and other factors. We also expect that faculty and staff who cannot report to work will notify their unit or departmental offices as early as possible. This is particularly important in the case of faculty since many students call the University to ask if a particular class is meeting before they drive to campus. Class cancellation information should be given to the Information Center. Unit heads and the Human Resources Office can supply full information on policies related to employees who cannot get to campus while the University is open.

Information about UW-Parkside's situation is available through the Information Center (595-2345), University Police & Public Safety (595-2455), and regularly on the following area radio stations: Kenosha Radio Stations: WLIP/WIIL/WEXT (AM 1050/FM 95.1/FM 104.7), WGTD (FM 91.1); Racine Radio Stations: WRJN/WEZY (AM 1400/FM 92); Milwaukee Radio/TV Stations: WTMJ/WKTI (AM 620/FM 94) - Ch. 4, WEMP/WMYX/WAMG (AM 12.50/FM 99.1/FM 103.7), WITI Ch. 6, WISN/WLTQ (AM 1130/FM 97) - Ch. 12; Chicago Radio Stations: WBBM (AM 78) and WMAQ (AM 670).

It should be noted that the radio stations ordinarily confine announcements to whether the University is open or closed. Occasionally, they will announce only closings or cancellations; thus, if you hear nothing on a particular station about UW-Parkside, assume the University is open and classes are being held. Information is given to the stations between 6 and 6:30 a.m. and again, if appropriate, in the early afternoon if evening activities are in doubt.

Any announcement stating the campus is closed should be interpreted as being a radio announcer's way of shortening our policy statement which is given them: "Classes are canceled - workers should use their judgment whether or not to report". If UW-Parkside is not mentioned, assume the University is open and classes are being held. Radio stations will receive our decision to cancel classes no later than 6:30 a.m.

Please address any questions concerning the policy and its application to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Fiscal Affairs.

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