Policy 13

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Competition/Private Enterprise Policy
Policy #13

UW-Parkside, like all UW campuses, is required to have an institutional policy and a review committee to monitor possible inappropriate competition with the private sector. The review committee reports to the chancellor and is composed of representatives   of the University, the private sector and the public at large. 

The committee's charge is to examine, upon the request of the chancellor or members of the committee, the issues involved in the institution offering major new competitive activities and ongoing activities whose appropriateness has been questioned; to review the pricing structure of major new competitive activities and ongoing sales activities whose appropriateness or pricing has been questioned; and to recommend to the chancellor a course of action which specifically addresses whether the activity should be implemented or continued and whether the pricing of the products and services is appropriate.

The chancellor will determine whether the institution will become involved with the new activity or continue an ongoing activity and whether changes should be made to the pricing of products or services.

All activities competitive with the private sector must be integral to the fulfillment of the institution's instructional, research or public service missions or must meet one of the following criteria: a) there are compelling reasons of economic efficiency, b) the product or services is unavailable elsewhere in the community, c) providing the product or service is a major convenience to the campus community, d) offering the product or service is a major importance to maintaining the quality of the institution.

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