Policy 40

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Limited Term Employment (LTE) Complaint Procedure
Policy #40



To ensure the fair treatment of all University staff including non-permanent employees, the campus has established this complaint procedure. This procedure may be used by any currently employed Limited Term Employee to address a complaint about employment-related issues. The Human Resources Office will ensure that matters are resolved by applying generally accepted personnel practices.


The first step* in the procedure will be to contact the Human Resources Office and arrange to briefly discuss the nature of the complaint. We will informally resolve matters of a minor nature (e.g., clarifying policies, rules or practices, or correcting a misunderstanding) or the matter will require a more formal process.

Steps in the formal complaint process for Limited Term Employees:

(A) The employee fills out the complaint form (see attached) providing a clear, concise description of the disagreement and the relief sought. A copy is sent to the Human Resources Office.

(B) The Human Resources Office refers the written complaint to the first-line supervisor or other appropriate management personnel having the authority to respond. The Human Resource Office will help in setting up, and attending if requested, the meetings required to resolve the matter.

(C) Management responds with a written decision and explanation for resolution of the disagreement on the original complaint form. This resolution should be reached within 20 working days of the form's submittal date.

(D) The employee, if unsatisfied with the initial (first step) decision, or if Management fails to resolve the matter within a reasonable time, will contact the Human Resource Office to request an appeal to the appropriate senior officer (Vice Chancellor/Executive Director) level. The employee will write the reasons for requesting a subsequent review. The Human Resources Office will again facilitate any formal or informal meetings required to arrive at a decision. The senior officer will put the decision in writing.

(E) The LTE employee can address the final appeal to the Chancellor.

* It is assumed by the Human Resources Office that the LTE employee has made the appropriate immediate supervisor aware of the complaint and has been rebuffed or ignored without sufficient action or explanation. This gives the LTE employee a sense of mistreatment that must be addressed and resolved. However, it also understood that some staff feel intimidated by the process and fear that a discussion of the concern with the supervisor would, given past practice, not be productive. Therefore, the LTE employee seeks the assistance of the Human Resources Office. In any event, the LTE employee must be prepared to either: (a) discuss the results of contacting the immediate supervisor concerning the problem, or (b) explain reasons why the supervisory contact step was not taken.


*Revised: Fall 2022

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