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Student Complaint
Policy #51


Occasionally, a student will encounter a concern/problem on campus that they do not know how to resolve. Student complaint procedures (informal and formal) have been developed and posted on the Dean of Students webpage to guide the student through the process in an effort to resolve the issue as quickly and fairly as possible.

Responsible Department:
Dean of Students Office

Policy Statement:
In the event that a student has an issue/complaint involving another individual on campus or a department, office, or program, the first step should be an attempt by the student to resolve the concern by discussing it directly with those most involved in the issue.

Informal Complaint Resolution
Dealing with concerns in the most direct and honest fashion should always be the first step toward resolution. Many issues are settled or problems resolved what a student makes an appointment with a faculty or staff member and calmly/honestly communicates their frustration or concern.

There are times when it is not possible to initially address the person directly. In those cases, the student should consider talking with the Department Chair, College Dean, Supervisor, or Dean of Students as the first step.

Formal Complaint Resolution
If the concern is not satisfactorily resolved through the Informal Complaint Resolution process, the student may file a formal complaint through the Dean of Students Office. The formal complaint must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Students Office using the Formal Student Complaint Report Form.

The complaint must include the following:

  • Student’s name, address, email address, and phone number;
  • A full and complete description of the concern, including names of individuals, departments and/or programs involved;
  • A statement of confirmation that an informal resolution has been pursued;
  • A statement of the remedy requested.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the Dean of Students or designee will review the complaint for timeliness and appropriateness, and if warranted, move the complaint forward to the investigation and hearing process.

If the complaint is against a Faculty member, Academic Staff member, or University Staff member, the process shall follow the respective personnel grievance policy/procedure.

All other complaints shall be investigated by a complaint committee consisting of one faculty member appointed by the Provost’s Office, one administrative staff member appointed by the Dean of Students Office, and one student representative.

The Committee shall promptly initiate an investigation. In undertaking the investigation, the Committee may interview, consult with and/or request a written response to the issues raised in the complaint from any individual the Committee believes to have relevant information, including faculty, staff, and students. The student and any person towards whom the complaint might have been directed shall have the right to submit written materials to the Committee and suggest names of any one from whom they believe the Committee should hear. The Committee may assign any member who has been adequately trained to conduct any part of the investigation as the Committee determines to be appropriate.

Findings and Notification
Upon completion of the investigation, the Committee in consultation with the Dean of Students or designee, will prepare a final report containing a summary of the investigation, written findings and a proposed disposition. A copy of the report will be shared with the student and the party against whom the complaint is directed.

The Dean of Students shall take whatever actions are deemed appropriate based on the final summary report. The Dean of Students or designee shall report their decision in writing to the student, the Committee, and all other relevant parties. The decision of the Dean of Students or designee shall be final.

Policy Review:
The Dean of Students Office shall review this policy annually. Recommendations for changes will be forwarded to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for approval no later than March 1st.


*Revised: Fall 2022

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