Policy 81

Administrative Policy 81: Computer Technology Procurement and Replacement Issued: 02/20/2013
      Revised: 2/5/2015    
Reference: Administrative Procedure 81
Institution Approval:
    Debbie Ford

      Campus Technology Services
      Business Services      

Maintained By:
      Campus Technology Services

81.01 Background

UW-Parkside is committed to providing a base level of technology for faculty and staff in support of instruction and operations, creating a financially solvent funding approach, and ensuring the security of private data. This policy addresses the acquisition, replacement, and reallocation of faculty and staff computer equipment such as laptops, docking stations, workstations, peripherals and related equipment. This policy does not address equipment used in classrooms, laboratories, student clubs, specialized systems, servers, research technologies, or any other technologies beyond individual workstations and peripherals.

81.02 Equipment Procurement

All faculty, staff, and student employee computer workstations and peripherals, regardless of funding source or department, will be purchased through Campus Technology Services (CTS). CTS will define standard configurations and platforms. Non-standard configurations can raise hardware, software, and support costs. Non-standard printing devices in particular may negatively affect printing campus-wide. All printers must be purchased through CTS. Recommended printer list is available through the CTS Web site. Requests for exceptions to standard technologies will be reviewed by CTS with the departments based on requirements of the position. CTS will work with Business Services to take advantage of existing contracts and negotiate additional cost savings with vendors.

81.03 Funding

UW-Parkside will maintain a Computer Replacement Fund to support a base level of technology for eligible new and continuing University faculty and staff positions. The base level of technology will include one desktop computer with basic peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and monitor as needed, or one basic laptop with no peripherals for each faculty and staff position. Requesters are encouraged to contact CTS to determine availability of spare working mice, keyboards, monitors, and other basic peripherals before purchasing them. Departments will be responsible for securing alternative sources of funding for configurations that exceed the base ones, for additional peripherals, or for additional workstations. Eligible positions include faculty and staff funded by GPR funds.

CTS will manage the annual computer replacement process. Departments may not sell, discard, or otherwise dispose of outdated computer equipment outside of CTS and Business Services processes.

81.04 Ownership and Support

Campus Technology Services will maintain an inventory of all university owned computers, from acquisition through disposal based on electronic inventory tools, information provided by departments, and on physical inventory conducted as part of the annual replacement cycle. Inventory records will include the department, physical location, user and asset tag associated with each computer.

All computers covered by this policy, regardless of funding source are the property of the University and not of the individual receiving the funding. Exceptions may apply to federal grant-funded equipment. A federal grant may specify that the equipment is the property of the federal government at the end of the grant.

Only CTS technicians and designees can open the casing of technology equipment. Opening and otherwise mishandling computer equipment will void warranty and may incur costs. Departments are also responsible for any costs that exceed what is covered by the warranty (e.g. replacement of old laptop batteries). The CTS Helpdesk and CTS-designated technology support staff will be the primary point of contact for all workstation and peripheral procurement and support requests. Support will be provided only for University-issued equipment; no support is available for personal computers. Limited or no support may be available for non-standard computer configurations and peripherals.

Computer equipment should not be moved without notifying the CTS helpdesk. Mobile equipment should not be left unattended. Fixed equipment in open areas should be secured in consultation with CTS. Departments bear full costs of replacing lost or stolen equipment that isn’t covered by insurance or other sources.

81.05 Replacement Cycle

UW-Parkside has adopted a 4-year replacement cycle for faculty and staff workstations. Additional workstations such as departmental labs and other non-employee computers could be eligible for trickle-down computers based on availability.

Workstations older than 4 years will receive best-effort support. CTS will work with the users to determine feasibility of continued support and may remove such equipment from the campus network with advance notification if it presents a risk to the campus network.

CTS will maintain a small stock of spare computers and peripherals and will make them available on a temporary basis as an “emergency replacement”. There is no guarantee that a suitable emergency replacement computer will be available should a department forgo annual replacement or if an out-of-warranty component fails.

81.06 Standard Software

CTS will set up new computers with core software such as Microsoft Office, Windows Operating System, Apple Operating System, etc. Certain system tools and settings are required and will be installed, including antivirus software, hard drive encryption, screen saver, etc. Costs of additional software and tools will be the responsibility of the requesting department.

81.07 Policy Review

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) will coordinate an annual review of the policy. Members of the campus community can forward to the CIO suggested changes for review by February 1. Recommendations for changes will be provided by the CIO to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for approval no later than March 1st.

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