Policy 84

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Parking Regulations
Policy #84


The purpose of this policy is to establish parking regulations on the UW-Parkside campus.

Parking and traffic regulations are necessary to help maintain a safe campus environment. UW-Parkside requires that all vehicles operated on campus property observe all campus parking and traffic regulations and all applicable provisions of the Wisconsin Vehicle and Traffic Code. All vehicles must display a valid UW-Parkside parking permit. Permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle. A parking permit may be transferred between vehicles.

Commuter permits are only valid in lots A, B, C, D, E, and T, and are required from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Residence life permits are valid only in Ranger Hall, University Apartments, Pike River Suites, and lots D and E (D and E until 2:00 AM only). Residence life permits are required twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Commuter lots (A, B, C, D, E, and T) are closed from 2:00 AM until 6:00 AM. Special permission must be obtained from University Police to park during closed hours.

Purchasing Parking Permits
The following are a list of permits available for purchase at UW-Parkside:

  • Commuter student annual
  • Commuter student semester
  • Residence life student annual
  • Faculty/staff annual
  • Faculty/staff semester
  • Faculty/staff part-time (<60%)
  • Reserved permits
  • Tallent Hall discount permits
  • Summer permits
  • Miscellaneous (daily, weekly, monthly)

Student commuter parking permits may be ordered on-line on SOLAR beginning August 1st and picked up outside the campus bookstore the first week of classes during bookstore hours for the Fall term. Permits ordered the first three weeks of August may also be mailed to the student’s on-file address if circumstances require. After the first week of Fall term classes, all permits must be purchased and/or picked up at the University Police Department, Tallent 188. All student permits must be posted to the student’s SOLAR account.

Residence Life permits may be ordered beginning August 1st on-line on SOLAR and picked up during check-in at Ranger Hall. After check-in, all Residence Life permits must be purchased and picked up at the University Police Department.

Faculty/Staff permits may be purchased at the University Police Department in Tallent Hall beginning August 1st or ordered on-line on SOLAR and either mailed via campus mail or picked up at the University Police Department.

A select number of reserved parking permits will be available to faculty/staff/students and will be sold in the following sequence:

  1. Reserved faculty/staff permit holders from the previous year will have the first option to purchase a reserved permit during the first 17 days of August.
  2. From August 17th-31st remaining faculty/staff may purchase a reserved permit.
  3. Beginning September 1st, students may purchase a reserved permit if there are still spaces available.

Faculty/Staff reserved permits may be purchased at the University Police Department or ordered on-line on SOLAR. Faculty/Staff permits may either be mailed via campus mail or picked up at the University Police Department. Student reserved permits may be ordered on-line or in person, but must be picked up at the University Police Department.

Fall semester permits expire on December 31st. Spring semester permits include summer and expire on August 31st. Separate summer-only permits may be purchased beginning in May and are valid until August 31st. Annual permits cover the entire school year, valid until August 31st.

Retirees from UW-Parkside may obtain a free annual faculty/staff permit from University Police provided they are not working on campus in any capacity. Parking permits will not be donated or raffled unless approved by the Chief of Police or their designee. Departments are prohibited from purchasing parking permits for faculty/ staff members using department funds.

An annual pricing sheet will be released each summer with updated permit costs and the permit costs will also be listed on the University Police webpage.

Permit Refunds
Students/faculty/staff needing to return their parking permits must fill out a refund request form at the University Police Department and turn in the permit along with the refund request. A full refund is not guaranteed. Refund amounts are pro-rated. You must have a receipt for a cash/check/credit card transaction. Refunds for student permits posted to SOLAR will be forwarded to the Cashier’s office for final processing. Faculty/staff permits purchased by payroll deduction will be verified by the UW Payroll office.

Stolen parking permits can be replaced by filing a police report at the University Police Department and purchasing a replacement permit for $15.00. Lost parking permits can be replaced by purchasing a replacement permit for $30.00 at the University Police Department.

Visitor Parking
Visitors to the campus may stop at the University Police Department, Tallent Hall 188 (the east side of Wood Road, north of Orchard Courts Apartments), or use a parking kiosk located in Lots A, B, & C to purchase a temporary parking permit. Visitors needing a longer-term permit must stop at the University Police Department. Faculty/staff/students are prohibited from parking in visitor-signed stalls at all times. Frequent disc golf players may purchase a seasonal parking pass. For more information, contact University Police.

Groups or departments who reserve rooms on campus for events should make parking arrangements through Student Center Reservations when the room is being reserved. Overnight Residence Life permits may be purchased at a parking kiosk located at Ranger Hall or in the Core building of University Apartments.

Undated single-day permits may be purchased in bulk by departments sponsoring events to be distributed to guests.

Motorcycle Parking
Motorcycle parking is free on campus and located near the front of each commuter lot, and near Building 3 at University Apartments.

Handicap/Disabled Parking
Designated stalls for handicap/disabled parking are available in all campus lots. The registered handicap permit owner must be present on campus while using these parking spaces. If a situation arises where one would need to find closer parking for a temporary medical condition (such as a broken bone), contact a physician to obtain information on a temporary handicap permit.

Parking Citations and Appeals
Parking citations are written when a vehicle is found to be parked in violation of posted University rules and regulations.

To dispute a parking citation, a parking appeal must be filed at University Police within 14 days of the citation issuance. Appeal forms can be found on-line on the parking website or at the front counter of the University Police Department. No appeals will be accepted after 14 days. Appellants must provide an email address for notification.

Citation appeals are reviewed by the Chief of Police, who may void the citation or pass the appeal on to the Parking Appeals Committee. The Committee is made up of faculty, staff and students not affiliated with the University Police Department. The committee reviews parking appeals once a semester (May and December). The citation in question is frozen until a decision is made and will not double. There will be no student hold placed and license plates will not be suspended until a decision has been made by the Committee. Decisions of the committee are final and may not be appealed again.

Persons whose appeals are reviewed will be notified by email of the outcome of their appeal within one week of the committee hearing. Once notification of a denied appeal has been made, if the citation is not paid within 14 days, the citation will double. Failure to pay the citation within 30 days may result in a student hold being placed and/or a suspension of vehicle registration through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


*Revised: Fall 2011, Fall 2022

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