Policy 91

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Credit Card Payment Security
Policy #91

The payment card industry has developed technical and business standards that affect the way credit card business is conducted. In order to continue accepting credit card payments, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside must prove and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). The Cashier’s Office and Campus Technology Services are responsible for assuring compliance and providing guidance to all departments accepting credit card payments. A security breach of credit card data jeopardizes the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s ability to continue to conduct transactions. Moreover, a breach could result in significant fines.

To reduce institutional risk associated with the administration of credit card payments by providing campus departments with compliant, reliable, and supportable methods for securely accepting credit card payments.

All campus departments and contracted services accepting credit card payments are affected and must follow UW System 350, Payment Card Compliance Policy and UW Parkside Procedure 91A.The procedure can be obtained by contacting the Cashier’s Office.

Policy Statement
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside requires all departments and contracted services that accept credit card payments to do so only in compliance with credit card industry standards and in accordance with the procedures. Users considering accepting credit card payments must contact the Cashier’s Office and Campus Technology Services prior to setting up a service using university resources.


*Revised: Spring 2019, Fall 2022

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